Wife fools husband into thinking Great Dane is Jack Russell

Everyone tells a little white lie now and then, however Sue Markham’s fib grew – quite literally – out of hand.

great dane yogi bear

After laying eyes on a Great Dane puppy named Yogi – nicknamed Bear – Sue from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, knew she couldn’t turn him down and was desperate to give the 1lb 5oz pooch a loving home.

So she told her husband Robert – who had stipulated no big dogs – that Yogi was a Jack Russell Terrier.

great dane yogi bear

Seeing double – Yogi as a puppy on the left; and a Jack Russell puppy on the right

“When I saw Bear I fell in love with him and knew I wanted him but I knew Robert didn’t want a big dog,” said Sue.

“So I told a little fib and said he was a Jack Russell. But it started to become fairly obvious when Bear dwarfed any other dogs in the village, so the game was up.”

great dane yogi bear

Now nine years old, Yogi has grown into a 15 stone, 6ft 10in ‘terrier’. So big is Yogi, he sleeps on a two-seater sofa, has his own three-acre paddock for exercise, wears a horse coat when it’s cold and gets through £160 worth of food a month.

great dane yogi bear

Despite initially being worried a larger dog would be a lot of work and they wouldn’t have the space, Robert wasn’t annoyed at his wife’s little fib as he fell in love with Yogi too.

great dane yogi bear

“He’s a very good natured dog with a lot of character so it would be hard for anyone not to love him or be angry with him,” said Robert.

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