Norfolk terriers Rufus & Heidi relax with Reiki

 Denise Elphick and PetsPyjamas mascots Rufus & Heidi channel their inner chi with a little help from animal Reiki expert Rimca Karmaker.

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Rufus and Heidi are an energetic pair of Norfolk terriers whose favourite pastime is tearing around – whether at home or in the park. It can be pretty exhausting for me and for them too. So I thought it might be a good idea to instil a bit of peace and calm by engaging the services of Rimca Karmaker – an animal Reiki expert.

Reiki is a form of healing, channelled through light touch on specific areas of the client’s body. The client can be anyone, animal or human. All animals can receive Reiki including cats, dogs, horses and rabbits. It is gentle and harmless and a peaceful experience. According to Rimca any stresses that we carry around with us in our working or family lives are shared with our pets. So Rimca treats both you and your pet giving you time to relax, unwind and restore balance.

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I must admit to being slightly dubious about the whole thing but when Rimca arrived I could tell she was a calming influence. Rufus and Heidi usually bark at strangers initially but they remained silent and took an instant shine to Rimca. We found a quiet spot and she asked me to lie down on a sofa with Rufus and Heidi next to me. Rimca started the session by placing her hands over various points of my body transferring her healing energy. It started with some head massage and then extended to the stomach and feet area. I literally felt warmth coming from Rimca’s hands. She then applied the same process to Rufus and Heidi. Rufus climbed on top of me and promptly fell asleep and Heidi curled up next to me. They both seemed so relaxed and loving, it was as though we were sharing a bond of happiness. What could be nicer!

I can honestly say it was a thoroughly relaxing, lovely experience and I will certainly be booking with Rimca again. It made me realise how important it is to take time out to relax with the dogs and how it improves my well being as well as theirs.


Our Animal Reiki Practitioner, Rimca Karmakar is a previous Medical doctor with years of experience. Rimca Graduated from Medical school in 2006 and practiced as a doctor for 6 years. Shortly after graduation, in 2007, Rimca learnt Reiki. She travelled to New Zealand in 2008, regularly cared for animals as a pet-sitter, and began giving treatments to animals and their owners. Rimca’s deep love for animals and complementary therapy is what drove her to combine her passions and offer her services as an Animal Reiki Practitioner.

Rimca is registered with the UK Reiki Federation.

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