Essential dog training commands by Spaniel Life

Steph from Spaniel Life shares her essential dog training commands every pet and their owner should know…

We know dogs love to train and always enjoy learning. Training them from a young age is really important, and although classes and trainers are great, you can start with basic commands even at home. All these commands come in handy when you’re travelling and visiting different places too – showing manners whilst on holiday with your pet will prompt more love and fuss from the hotel and staff.


One of the most used commands for dogs. Not only can it help with preventing pets from jumping up at people, but also shows manners and basic training. Teaching this command should be one of the first and will be the easiest for your dog to learn, but making sure you keep it up is important too.


Another very important command, especially when out and about, exploring new places or even at your local park. Teaching your dog to come back to you, even when other distractions are around (such as other dogs) is so important as it will give you peace of mind when you let your dog off the lead. You won’t have to worry and your pooch can have the best time roaming around freely!


It’s really great for your dog to master the stay command as it can prevent them from bolting out of the car or leaving the house while you’re getting the shopping in. It can really help with controlling your pet from running into dangerous situations too. I always use sit and stay with Severus and Lily to get them to pose for their Instagram photos.


This can be very helpful with preventing pet from taking human food that may have fallen on the floor or even darting for their own food too quickly. It’s particularly great if small children are in the house, and leave things lying around or want to feed the dog too. This command can also be helpful to prevent pets from chewing those special shoes or even eating something harmful to them. Learning to leave food or toys until your pet knows it’s okay for them to eat or play shows top manners!

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