Beco Pets Co-founder George Bramble & Tarka

Beco Pets are one of our favourite eco-friendly pet brands, so we decided to have a catch-up with co-Founder George Bramble to find out what’s in store for the company and how he’s getting on with his new Labrador puppy Tarka…

Beco Pets co-Founder George Bramble with Labrador puppy Tarka

What are you working on at the moment?

As co-Founder of Beco Pets, Britain’s biggest manufacturer of eco-friendly pet products, we are very busy at the moment as we have just launched a new eco-conscious Food for Dogs which is ethically and locally sourced.

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What breed is your dog and why did you choose them?

Tarka is a five-month-old black Labrador puppy. I was brought up with Labradors and think they make the most loyal and friendly companions. They also make great family pets, which is really important as my wife and I have also just had a baby!

How do your friends get on with them?

Since Tarka arrived on the scene, a lot of friends have appeared out of the woodwork. Some of our closest friends are lining up to dog sit when we are away at the weekends because Tarka is so adorable. I also have mate who has been pestering me to borrow Tarka for the afternoon – I found out it was because it helps him to attract attention from the opposite sex when he’s out walking in the park!


How long have you had her?

I first picked her up six months ago. We drove to Nottinghamshire, and she was a bundle of joy. We wrapped her up in a blanket and gave her a treat. She made it all the way home to London without any accidents. She settled in very quickly. That’s just part of her nature, she’s a very outgoing, sociable dog.

Does she come with you to work?

Every day. Working for a company producing dog products means all dogs are welcome. All employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work, which makes for an interesting and fun-filled working environment. It was really important that I could take Tarka to work as I wouldn’t have taken on a dog if I would have had to leave her at home because I think that’s unfair. She spends her working day product testing our Beco beds and all our many interesting toys. She’s also a leading consumer of Beco poop bags. Sometimes, sadly, in the office but things are improving.


What difference does she make to your life?

Running a business full-time and with our baby, having Tarka certainly makes life hectic but I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s fantastic to walk down in the morning and see her wagging he tail knowing that she is going out for a walk. Dogs bring so much happiness to people’s lives and mine is certainly all the happier since her arrival.


Do you take her on holiday with you and if so where?

Absolutely. Now that we have a dog, we holiday more in the UK. This summer we already have two holidays in Scotland and one in Cornwall booked. There are so many great holiday locations in the UK that often get forgotten, but having a dog means that we are exploring all the UK’s dog-friendly holiday destinations and getting out to see Britain’s beautiful environment, the great outdoors.

Does she have any funny ways/any funny incidents involving your dog?

Apart from loving Beco Food for Dogs, Tarka is actually quite a fussy eater. She can be incredibly picky. Amusingly, she would take a carrot over any pet treat or meaty treat out there. She loves crunching carrots. She’s obsessed with carrots.

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Anything you feel strongly about regarding pet welfare?

Yes, of course. Did you know that 67% of dogs are clinically obese? As dog owners we have a responsibility to make sure our dogs are not over-fed. Having a dog should be a great opportunity to get outside and get some exercise so it can benefit both the dog and the owner. There are three million overweight dogs in Britain. If you want your dog to live a long and healthy life, it’s time to do something about it. We have recently launched a project to help veterinary clinics who hold ‘fat busting’ clinics to hand out 1,000 free Beco Flyers.

Do you take her with you to restaurants/pubs/cafes? Any favourites?

The Skylark Cafe in the middle of Wandsworth Common is a great place with lots of other dogs and great food. It’s a frequent pit stop for us on our weekend walks.

Where do you exercise her? Any favourite parks/places?

Since I was born, we have spent most of our summer holidays in the Outer Hebrides, an absolute paradise for any dog. There are lots of open spaces and stunning beaches. I’d recommend it wholeheartedly as a holiday destination for dogs. We must have been there 60-70 times. I love it there.

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