How to be a pet-friendly business

Being a pet-friendly business is more than just letting a dog stay in your hotel – its showing an understanding of what it is to own a dog. Here are the top 10 ways to make your business pet-adoring…

1. Pet-loving staff

Having a pet-adoring staff will not only make the pets and their owners feel exceptionally welcome, but it can help dispel any nervousness some pets may experience when entering a new environment. It’s likely you will have staff who aren’t animal lovers – just ensure they have an understanding of what dogs and their owners need and how to attend to them. They may eventually become dog lovers themselves!

2. Dogs allowed to be left unattended in the room


It’s understandable for hotels to be apprehensive about allowing dogs to be left unattended in a guest bedroom. However, if the owner has planned to visit a restaurant or place that is not welcoming of dogs, it’s great for them to know they can leave their four-legged friend in the room. Provided the dog is well-behaved, won’t destroy any furniture or make excessive noise that will disturb other guests, there should be no reason why owners can’t leave their pet a short period of time. If it will make you feel more comfortable, discuss with your guest and offer to check in on their dog whilst they’re out or agree on a time limit.

3. Pet-friendly dining area

For hungry pet owners, there’s nothing worse than being refused service because they have their dog in tow. Your entire restaurant doesn’t have to be pet-friendly – understandably there will be guests who won’t like to eat with animals around them. Providing a small area where pet owners can relax and enjoy their food in the company of their dog is all that is needed. A dog-friendly dining area is a great selling point to encourage dog owners to use your restaurant and book a stay with you – we’re always asked by customers where the best pet-friendly places are to eat.

4. Pet-friendly lounge areas


Like other guests, pet owners and their canine companions don’t want to be confined to their rooms all the time they are in the hotel. Having a pet-friendly area for dogs to relax alongside their owners after a walk or meal is essential.

5. Offer pet services

Human guests are often provided with extra amenities when staying at a hotel, such as spa treatments and on-site activities, so why not their four-legged counterparts too? Providing guests with the option of pet services, such as dog-sitting, dog-grooming and even training sessions, will only make theirs and their pets stay more pleasurable.

6. Have pet essentials available on request


Providing guests’ creatures with comforts such as dog beds, bowls, food, blankets and towels is a great way to set your business apart from others – you do it already for your two-legged guests! Plus, they’re great to have on hand if a dog owning guest has forgotten to pack their pet’s essentials amid the chaos of leaving for their holiday. We think a dog bed, dog bowl, poo bags on reception and a few treats should come as standard with a pet-friendly room as we know it delights our customers when hotels and cottages show you think about their animals as much as they do.

7. Public water bowls available around the hotel

Especially on hot summer days, after long walks around the area or a car journey, doggie guests are going to be thirsty. Having readily available bowls of water placed around your hotel is an easy way for doggie guests to stay hydrated and will show you value their wellbeing as well as their owners.

8. Provide information on local dog-friendly walks, activities, beaches and pubs


Most holiday-goers will research an area before staying there but can undoubtedly miss out on the top local spots to venture with their pet. Providing pet owning guests with information on local walking routes, dog-friendly activities, dog-friendly pubs and dog-friendly beaches will not only make their stay more enjoyable but it will cement you as a wonderfully pet-friendly destination in their mind.

9. Provide access to an outside toilet area for dogs

Unless a guest owns a canine mastermind, your human toilet facilities will be out of bounds for pets. Providing an outside area that’s easily accessible for dogs to go about their business as well as some disposal bins will save dog owners from any embarrassment and your staff from having to clear up unwanted messes.

10. Treats in reception for a warm welcome

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Depending on your type of establishment, you may welcome guests with a drink or taste of a local delicacy at reception – so welcome canine guests too with some doggie treats! They’re also a great way to keep pets occupied and under control whilst their owners are checking in or enquiring about facilities around the hotel.

If you’re already a dog-friendly business, PetsPyjamas can provide you with all the essentials your property needs to make your canine guests feel as comfortable and welcome as their humans. Visit the PetsPyjamas Travel Partner Shop for more information.