Cat journeys with fellow commuters on Tokyo subway

Public transportation as we all know is open to everyone and if you’re a regular commuter you’ve probably seen people from all walks of life.

And if you’re a commuter in Tokyo, you’re likely to have enjoyed a journey or two with a feline passenger.

So easy to use is Japan’s rail system, a streetwise feline has been regularly spotted riding the subway alongside fellow passengers since 2013, and his journeys are often tweeted.

Although it is unclear whether it is the same cat, the feline looks very similar in each picture taken.

The cat is never accompanied by an owner and appears to just hop on and off as and when he pleases.

One thing is for certain though, this cool customer has excellent subway etiquette. Never does this kitty spread out or invade others personal space. He just perches quietly at the end of a bench, leaving plenty of room for other passengers to sit down.

Japan is well-known for its fantastic public transportation system which places cleanliness high on its agenda. Typically, pets are supposed to be kept in animal carriers to maintain this level of sanitation and protect others from allergies.

However, as this feline is such a well-behaved and courteous passenger, those running the Seibu Ikebukuro Line appear to have turned a blind eye for now!

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