Couple build bed to share with their cats and dogs

One couple love their pets so much, they’ve built an 11ft-long bed to accommodate their five cats and two dogs.

giant bed cats and dogs

Reddit user Robdogbird shared a picture on the social media site of the solution he and his girlfriend came up with after their cheeky cats and dogs kept joining them in their king size bed at night.

giant bed cats and dogs

Fashioned out of a DIY storage base, their original king spring mattress and a new full foam mattress – the couple now have to regularly wash four lots of bedding and will only make the bed if guests are coming round.

giant bed cats and dogs

Robdogbird wrote on Reddit, “I’m an epic neat freak, have cat litter enclosed and vented, carpet shampoo regularly.”

“Not wonderful if it goes long without cleaning but I love all these damn animals too much to get rid of any of them… (and my girlfriend would kill me if I tried.)”

Unsurprisingly, the bed has been a huge hit with their Pomeranian Lexi, Chihuahua Lola and their cats Bear, Zoey, Kitty, Prince Caspian and Isha.

giant bed cats and dogs

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