Heidi & Lulu at London Fashion Week – Camilla Elphick


This time fashion girls Lulu and Heidi visited the showrooms at London Fashion Week over the weekend.

Camilla Elphick LFW (4)

Camilla Elphick LFW (1)

As usual they got lots of attention from the press and popped along to the Camilla Elphick pop up shoe presentation (Camilla is Lulu’s mum) where Heidi had a lovely chat with Brighton blogger Alexis Foreman.

Camilla Elphick LFW (5)

Heidi and Camilla

Camilla has just launched her sweet-inspired Pez range which includes a pair of shoes with a Corgi, Poodle, Lioness and Cheetah on the back of the shoe.

Pez treats and shoes

Camilla Elphick LFW (8)

While they were in Soho, they found a fabulously pet-friendly lunch spot called Damson & Co where they were welcomed with big bowls of water. Fashion is thirsty work! Camilla loved her avocado on toast and Denise her spelt and veg lasagne. Definitely a great find!

Damson & Co

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