Do Dogs Need Holidays? The Benefits of Dog-friendly Travel

Do Dogs Need Holidays?

Our four-legged friends are just as susceptible to the stresses of modern life as we are. Here’s what dog friendly holidays can do for your pooch…

You’ve enough clothes to deal with whatever the British weather throws at you. There’s distracting gizmos galore to keep the cries of “are we there yet?” to an absolute minimum. The Sat-Nav is locked and loaded to the scenic route option. But hold on: something’s missing. You’ve left your faithful hound behind!

Imagine your poor pooch’s consternation as they stare back through the bars of the kennel door, as they’re locked in for a two (week) stretch in the canine clink. “It’s a case of mistaken identity,” they’d cry, “you’ve got the wrong dog: it’s The Pawshank Redemption.”

Okay, perhaps we’re over-egging it. But there’s no doubt your pup would much rather come along for the ride than be left at home. Now, it’s easier than ever to take your beloved pet with you when you do go.

The benefits of dog friendly holidays

Embracing dog friendly holidays can be an absolute revelation for you and your trusty hound. Dogs are just as susceptible to the stresses of modern life, and a break away can do wonders for them. Top animal psychologist and presenter of Channel 4’s ‘Dogs Behaving Badly’ Graeme Hall – also known as The Dogfather – insists that dog friendly holidays are, in fact, vital for them.

“Contrary to what most dog trainers and behaviourists will tell you – dogs are more like humans than you might think,” says Hall. Bored, under-exercised, anxious, lonely – there are many human issues that dogs are on the receiving end of.“A holiday is a great way to alleviate stress for both us and our dogs” Graeme continues. Here’s just a few ways in which both your dog and you can benefit from going away together… 


Dogs might not have important meetings or bills to pay, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little leisure time to help them destress. According to Graeme: “For dogs, there’s nothing like a holiday to create a feeling of wellbeing. Dogs pick up on our moods, so spending time with them on holiday when we’re relaxed helps them to relax too.” So when we’re happy, relaxed and having fun, that rubs off on to our furry friends.

Bonding Time

We all know that spending time with your pooch can do wonders, but this works both ways. Your dog loves spending time with you as well! With the demands of the working world, it can sometimes feel tough to give your dog all the love and attention they deserve. On holiday, you have time to properly bond and create memories with your family and friends – the dog included!

Staying in Shape

Dogs can easily get pent up, especially if they live with you in the city. We’re always far more active on holiday, so why wouldn’t you take the most active member of your family? Dashing along the Cornwall’s golden beaches or rambling through the UK’s verdant woodlands: can you imagine your dog any happier? On top of this, 60% of vets say obesity is the biggest healthcare concern for UK pets, according to figures released by the British Veterinary Association. It’s the perfect excuse to get out and get active with your dog.


New Experiences

Of course, exercise isn’t the only benefit of taking your pooch along with you: getting your dog’s brain working is great for their health too. Hall says “Not only do they love being with their owners, most dogs love meeting new people and other canine friends”. What better way to introduce them to whole new heap of sights, smells and socialising opportunities than taking them on holiday?

It’s Even More Fun For You!

It’s not just your dog that will be having the time of their life. Taking your furry friend with you will make your holiday even better, too. They’re a conversation starter, they’re always up for fun and they don’t spend hours on their phone either. As if that wasn’t enough reasons, you’ll make a tidy saving by avoiding kennel or dog-sitting charges. Win-win.

Tips for a good trip:

1. Keep your pooch happy. Travelling causes stress so make sure your pooch has all the creature comforts they need in the car. Look at travel times, make sure they’ve had a bit of a runaround before getting in the car and make regular stops so they can stretch their legs.

2. Choose a suitable location. With the UK’s diverse landscapes, places like Cornwall, Devon and The Cotswolds are ideal for long walks and dog-friendly attractions.

3. Be prepared. It’s important to ensure your dog is properly microchipped and that people know how to contact you if they do find your dog. Knowing where the local vet is a good idea as well.

3. Picking the right accommodation. Finding pet-friendly accommodation used to be a little tricky. Luckily, PetsPyjamas have built a collection of some of the finest dog-friendly cottages, hotels and Bnb’s in UK & Europe. Browse our full range of dog friendly holidays here!