Napoleon cat hitting the headlines

Twenty years of campaigning has finally given breeder Joe Smith the recognition he strived for. The International Cat Association has now recognised his creation – The Napoleon cat – which derives from crossing Persian and Munchkin breeds. The resulting moggy, named after the short legged French ruler, has some of the shortest legs in the animal kingdom.

Blueskies Juno is a Napoleon cat
It is thought the cute little feline will be a hit with pet-loving celebrities. With prices starting at £750 for a kitten, their exclusivity is likely to make them the ‘next must have’ amongst the likes of animal owners such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.
Years of research and observation has proven that the short legs (a natural mutation) do not hamper the cat’s abilities nor do they cause any health related concerns.
B Asher 8.5 wks (9) Napoleon Cat Supplied by Linda Osborne NO FEE
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