Five of the Best Dental Doggie Treats

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Your dog’s dental hygiene is hugely important. In fact, around 80% of dogs over the age of three suffer from some kind of dental problem, so it’s important to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Left unchecked, a dog’s normal diet can lead to tartar build-up which in turn can cause inflammation and pain in the teeth and gums.

We can’t rely on our pups to brush their own teeth every morning and night, but we can give them dental doggie treats which helps.. But which ones are  best for your dog’s teeth? We’ve picked out the best quality dental dog chews according to customer reviews on Amazon. 



Pedigree Dentastix – Daily Dental Care Chews


Designed to be chewed for long enough to be effective, the Pedigree Dentastix are an excellent dental doggie chew that are scientifically proven to help reduce tartar build up by up to 80%. Full of active ingredients, the treats have a slightly abrasive texture that works with your dog’s saliva to fight plaque and tartar. Also, they taste great to pups!



Rating: 5/5

Price: £17.50 (bulk buy)


These Pedigree DentaStix offer a great value treat and oral care solution for dogs, and are perfect for a treat after going for a walk. The texture is just hard enough to offer a nice crunch, but also soft enough so the dog’s teeth sink in with every bite, so they should please even fussy pooches!”

One of my dogs is 11 years old and he has always had a Dentastix every morning. I’ve never had to have his teeth descaled and touch wood, he has never had any dental issues. At a recent routine visit to the vet for a full check up, the vet commented on how clean and healthy my dogs teeth were. My dog eats mainly dry food and has fresh water to drink. He has other treats now and then but no other chews or bones. So could Dentastix be the reason my dog has had no dental issues during his life?”

Whimzees Natural Dental Dog Chews


Whimzees are super healthy dog treats that are designed to remove plaque, reduce tartar build up and freshen breath.  The fun alligator shape gives the chew specific grooves to help reach the small spaces in a dog’s mouth. These treats are made up of natural ingredients, too! 




Rating: 4.5/5

Price: £8.99 (bulk buy)


“My dog loves Whimzees treats! The alligator shaped whimzees are my favourite because they’re cute! But they’re also my dogs’ favourite whimzee because they’re nice and thick so they can give it a good chew. They get very excited when they see these chews, so they must taste good. They don’t last my two very long as they’re powerful chewers, but they’re plenty big enough and long lasting enough to keep them satisfied. These are healthy chews so I don’t worry about my dogs having one every day. They also do their teeth a lot of good which is important. These are great value and my dogs’ favourite – win win!”

My labrador loves these chewy treats. She has a sensitive tummy and I won’t risk giving her rawhide, but she loves to chew and nylabones get boring. These alligators are made from potato starch and other natural ingredients, and don’t seem to upset her tummy.”



Greenies Daily Original Dog Treats


Due to their size, Greenies original dog treats are ideal for small dogs. Shaped like a toothbrush, Greenies were originally available solely through vet clinics, with vets giving them the thumbs up! The chews are easily digestible and contain ingredients such chlorophyll that reduce plaque and tartar build up. They also give your four-legged friend fresh breath! 




Rating: 4.5/5

Price: £15.99 (bulk buy)


I received a free sample of these in the post a few weeks ago and was really happy because I’d wanted to let my dog try them for a long time but he can be quite fussy with dental sticks. These are perfect for him! They’re a lot softer than other dental chews which I think he likes and the size is much better for him so I placed an order for some more and he is still enjoying them!”

Dentalife Medium Dog Dental Chew


Dentalife doggie dental chews are made entirely of wholesome ingredients. The porous texture is scientifically proven to reduce the buildup of tartar and plaque. These are chewy, but can also be a little tough, so if you have a puppy or young dog, it’s recommended that you use a  softer treat until their adult teeth come through. 



Rating: 5/5

Price: £12.50 (bulk buy)


“When I took my dog to the vet, he said her teeth were in need of cleaning as there was some plaque present. I tried her on typical brands of dental chews but the only one she would eat was Dentalife, which I gave her once a day. When a 12 month check up was due the vet examined her teeth again and was pleased to confirm that all plaque had gone and her teeth were in excellent condition! Needless to say I continue to give her at least 1 Dentalife every day.”

“My little dog loves these! They don’t smell too strongly & my dog favours these above all other brands. Big plus is that it also takes her longer to chew & hardly any crumbs afterwards. Judging by the way my dog waits eagerly for one each night, the flavour must also be good.”


HiLife Special Care Daily Dental Dog Chews


HiLife Special Daily Dental Chews are another great product that are designed to help care for your furry friend’s teeth. Made from 100% rawhide, these work to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy, giving them  lovely fresh breath in the process. 




Rating: 4.5/5

Price: £12.00 (bulk buy)


I have a dog that is a chewer.  Having spoken with a dental specialist following surgery to remove two of her embedded teeth at 18mths, he warned me how many dog items designed for chewing could be very damaging and advised to avoid antler bars and anything too hard to leave a finger nail print. Flat rawhide such as these are the best shape rawhide to use as they have some flexibility.”

“My dog loves these, and they are good for her teeth and help to keep her breath fresh. Trouble is she does eat them rather quickly and they work out expensive! We have found that our Border Terrier sometimes gets the last little bit stuck in her teeth, or even chokes on it, so make sure your dog is attended to at all times if they have one of these chews.”


Although these are generally considered the best dental treats on the market, some dogs may prefer the tastes and texture of some over others. So, it may be trial and error till you find the perfect treat that your dog (and their teeth!) will love. But its certainly worthwhile to keep your canine’s canines in top condition!


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