Paw Power! How UK Dog Owners can Help the Hospitality Industry

Dear fellow dog lovers,

We’d love you to join us in mobilising the power of the nine million dog owners in the UK to help get the British hospitality industry get back on track.

You can do this by deciding to stay in the UK for your next holiday, to enjoy the diverse riches that this wonderful country has to offer – taking along your four-legged friend to reward them for being such a wonderful companion and keeping your spirits up during these last few weeks.

By choosing a staycation we will help people in communities across the country get their businesses back on track and even a short-break booking can make a world of difference to a hotel or self-catering property in these difficult times and give you something to look forward to.

And when we choose to travel in the UK, the benefits are felt not only by those who provide our bed for the night – they filter down to all corners of a community, from farmers producing fresh local produce served in pubs, cafes and restaurants to local attractions and shops that rely on tourist visitors. These are all real people with real livelihoods we can support.

Our country has the most incredibly diverse landscape, offering a wealth of great holiday choices that don’t involve getting on a plane. From gorgeous beaches and coastline to the picturesque Lake District to the huge wilderness and rugged mountains of Scotland – all of these can be enjoyed even more with a four-legged friend in tow.

So, we hope all of you dog lovers will now join us in saying “We’re Barking Britain” and choosing the UK for your next trip whether that’s a late summer break this year or booking ahead to 2021.

Karen Hanton & Denise Elphick Co-Founders

The PetsPyjamas Dogs Are All Barking Britain!

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