Why you should gift your host’s dog

A great dinner or party guest never turns up empty-handed, and as two thirds of pet owners in the UK now see their pet as a member of the family it’s becoming more and more customary to gift your host’s furry friend.

Joe Halliwell, founder of The Dog Treat Company says; “The gesture of gifting for dinner parties or family get-togethers is a traditional British custom that we always enjoy. Modern British families now extends to include our furry friends so, to gift differently and gesture beyond the traditions of the past shows a thoughtfulness that is greatly received not just by the human hand but the furry paw as well.”

Major advances in canine nutrition have contributed to greater quality food and treats becoming available so finding the pawfect gift for your doggie host is easier than ever!


Here are some of our top reasons why you should gift your host’s four-legged friend:

– A warm welcome

Canine companions can always be counted on to give an over-the-top greeting and make you feel instantly welcome in their inner circle. Their naturally warm nature is ideal if you’re heading to a party where you are unfamiliar with many of the other guests. A dog will give you some reprieve from awkwardly mulling about until your host has had a chance to introduce you!

– Food table friend

If your host is a great cook and they’ve produced an equally phenomenal food spread, it can be hard to tear yourself away from the party table. Dogs love to hang out by the food table and will pass no judgement if that’s where you choose to stand for most of the day or evening!


– Have your back

We’ve all had that sense of dread as a delicious piece of your host’s Moroccan lamb tagine falls from your fork onto their beautiful Persian rug. Fear not! If you drop any food, the dog will be there to lap it up and hide your shame.

– No small talk

There’s no pressure when it comes to our four-legged friends. Dogs won’t expect you to tell any funny or interesting anecdotes and are more than happy to just sit or stand alongside you during a party. However, if you want someone to talk to, they’re great listeners!

Hispanic woman petting dog at party

– Break the ice

If you do want to mingle but are shy or struggling to think of a good conversation starter, dogs are wonderful icebreakers! Their laidback attitude is like a magnet and they’ll provide you and other guests with a great starting point.

– Party games

Dogs will never think you’re too old to play party games…


What to gift for:

A dinner party – Barking Up the Right Treats Treat Box

A housewarming – Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed Treat Box

The guest of honour – You Can Teach an Old Dog New Treats Treat Box

A holiday party – Lean Mean Running Machine Treat Box

A cocktail party – Hair of the Dog Treat Box

An overnight stay – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Treat Box


The Dog Treat Company’s selection of treats are all made from human-grade, ethically-sourced ingredients and are as delicious as they are high in nutritional value.

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