Homeless cat is the cat’s whiskers!

A two-year old black and white cat, aptly named Whiskers, is believed to have the longest whiskers in Britain.

Whisker’s striking facial hair measures an impressive 12 inches across her furry face, and she looks set to claim the title of longest whiskers. Current world record holder Missi, a Maine coon from Finland boasts whiskers measuring 7 inches and has held this record since 2005.


Despite having such an extraordinary feature, the pretty feline who recently had a litter of kittens is looking for a new home. Gill Canning, a volunteer who is currently fostering Whisker’s at her home in Somerset under the Cats Protection charity, told the Daily Mail she hopes the feline’s new found fame will help her find a loving family.

“They are certainly the longest whiskers I have ever seen and they make her look very pretty indeed.”

“Her kittens had really long whiskers too, so I think it runs in the family. She is a lovely friendly cat – very much a lap cat – and she is very playful,” said Gill.

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