Week 3: Pet beds – Health & Wellbeing

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Dear Pet Lovers,

Looking back at the history of dogs and their ancestors, the wolf, were very selective when it came to where they rested and it often depended on the following factors: protection, overview, possible escape routes and comfort. In principle wolves will look out for higher places with backing to rest against, and a space which provides safety and an overall view of the area. Of course, a lot of our domesticated dogs have lost or given up a lot of the wolves’ behaviour during evolution, although, most of their instincts have been preserved.

As pet owners, if we don’t want to be sharing the sofa with our furry friends all of the time then we must provide another appealing alternative.

Using my studies and experience of dogs, I have developed designs, fabrication and materials that meet the maximum anatomic requirements that will provide the ideal sleeping place for dogs, which supports both their health and well-being.

Dogs should enjoy being able to lean their bodies against a sufficient support and have the feeling of safety; they should be able to relax in comfort and therefore avoid pain caused by bad resting postures. For this reason the backs of my furniture designs are higher than the sides.


A solid bed support is needed to maintain a straight shape to the bedding and to avoid it wearing out and curving. One of our innovative technical developments (slatted frames) will provide the best results. According to the size of the bed, the supporting frame will have additional transversal slates to reinforce the structure.

20141114_PRINCESS_BLOG_06 20141114_PRINCESS_BLOG_08The designs which are suitable for bedrooms and living areas are created with lower sides, so that the dog can rest their heads.


My “day loungers”, which come without side rests, and aren’t upholstered on the back, have been designed especially for living areas.

20141114_PRINCESS_BLOG_04 20141114_PRINCESS_BLOG_05

As the dogs cannot mould themselves into prefabricated furniture as they might like to, all our rectangular models have size adapted cushions to place around the corners which support the physical needs of our pets.


All the heights our pet furniture are elevated according to the size of the dog to provide a better overview; nevertheless the height is low enough to allow easy access.


Our collection offers six different furniture sizes: XS, S, SB, M, MB, L, which cover all breeds of dogs up to 55kg / 121,25lbs.



People are generally more comfortable sitting or lying on a more supporting surface, which is far healthier and it is no different with our pets. It is often the case that a pet which prefers to sit on the sofa or the owners bed is not comfortable in its own resting place, if it does not provide adequate support.

This is why our designs include high quality resilience foam mattresses and the side rests (with protective covers) are made so that they are breathable with air ventilation. To assure the body best adapts to the bed,  the mattresses have viscoelastic memory foam on the top side, which relieves the pressure and gives support at the same time. The total height of the mattress is based on the weight of the pet (see chart). For the oval shaped models, the mattresses are a bit longer so that the dog can stretch out.


It is very important not only to choose the most aesthetic beds, but also invest in one that will care about your pet’s health and well-being. The right bed will also help your pet to enjoy a longer life span, as well as reducing future veterinary expenses and unnecessary pains.

I hope the content of this week’s blog will help support the health and wellbeing of your pet and improve their life and the quality time you spend with them.

H.S.H. Princess Katalin zu Windischgraetz

P.S: Next week I look forward to talking with you all about the importance of hygiene & safety on next week’s blog.

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