UK Lockdown: What does it mean for dog owners?

What You Need To Know About Lockdown As A Dog Owner

On Monday evening, the British Prime Minister announced a UK Lockdown, with strict guidelines to try and slow the spread of Coronavirus. So, as a dog owner what does this mean for you? Below we’ve listed a few tips to ensure you and your dog enjoy your time together whilst following the new government rules.



We are currently advised to leave the house once a day to enjoy some exercise. This can include activities such as walking, running or cycling, so a dog walk is still absolutely fine. The only rules to bear in mind are to stay two meters away from anyone that’s not from your household. Make the most of this outing, find a lovely park or area for a stroll and enjoy some exercise and fresh air with your four-legged friend (and hopefully some sunshine too!)

If your dog prefers two walks a day, perhaps you and another member of your household can take it in turns. If you’re self-isolating due to experiencing symptoms, the RSPCA has advised enjoying playtime and exercise in the garden.

Dog Walking


Stroking dogs

Whilst we all love to say hello to new furry friends, Dr. Scott on This Morning advised that we try not to stroke other dogs or have other people stroke our dogs for the time being. This is because some germs can remain on our pet fur which can continue the spread. So, for now, try to refrain from saying hello, and if you do be sure to wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds.

Stroking pup


Can I still meet my dog walking group?

Currently, it’s advised to keep social distancing and not meet with anyone outside of our household. We should remain two meters apart from others, so meeting a dog walking group is not advised. However, why not keep in touch with your pet pals through a virtual meet up? Apps like Zoom and HouseParty are perfect for keeping in touch during the lockdown, and letting your four-legged friends say hello through the screen! Why not extend your network and join the ‘PetsPyjamas Pet Pals’ private Facebook group to talk to other dog owners?


Playtime at home

With these limitations, your pooch may become restless, especially if they’re used to lots of outdoor adventures. Read our recent blog for top ten boredom busters to find multiple ways to keep your pup entertained. For when you’re ready to relax, we have our top Petflix n’ Chill list for you here.



We’re so fortunate to have our best furry friends around to keep us company during this uncertain time. It’s time to make the most of some extra time together! 

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