Australian Shepherd fetches beer on command

Further confirming that dogs are man’s best friend is Australian Shepherd, Ryder from New Jersey who is more than happy to fetch a beer for his master on command.

australian shepherd

Ryder’s owner Michael Impelluso recorded his pooch retrieving his favourite beverage from the fridge – a Miller Lite beer – after uttering the words, “It’s Miller time”.

Wearing a New York Giants jersey, Ryder can be seen heading off into the kitchen where he pulls on a towel tied to the fridge handle before finding a beer inside.

australian shepherd

Picking it up with his mouth, the clever canine walks back into the living room to Michael and presents him with the beer where he is then rewarded with a treat.

australian shepherd

Since being posted on YouTube, the hilarious video has been watched over 38,000 times and is sure to garner more views.

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