Lulu Loves…Top 12 puppy must-haves

LULU_HEADERI have to say bringing Lulu home was one of the best experiences ever! I collected Lulu from the Dogs Trust and she is now living with me in London. However, before she came home I wanted to make sure I was prepared for her arrival so I did a little shopping spree on PetsPyjamas. It was important that I had the essentials ready, so here’s what I got…

LULUS-TOYS-with-new-leadShop Lulu’s essentials now


One of my favourites is by My Muddy Paws, who can personalise a fleece blanket with your puppy’s name. Lulu loves the soft cosy blanket and it was perfect for the car ride home to wrap around her as she sat on my lap to make sure she felt warm and safe.

Lulu Loves in car

She was so sleepy by the time we got home that it was time for bed. I put her in her crate for the night surrounded by all of her new toys and a puppy chew bone which Lulu loves.

I think she likes her new home, which makes me very happy!

The next step – to sign Lulu up at the vets!


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