How to take your dog on holiday to France

Sev and Lily (along with their human, Steph) run a popular Instagram and blog, sharing adventures and travels with their readers. This year they went overseas for the first time on holiday to France where they stayed at Benji’s Gite and travelled via Eurotunnel. Here are their tips on how to do it best…

Know what you need to do

You can find all the information needed for the pet passport scheme, which primarily focuses on bringing your pet back into the UK, on this website. The pet passport scheme consists of vaccinations before you go, and worming tablets for the way back. Timings are very strict and some medication may need to be given by a vet in France.

Plan ahead

Because of the timings for the pet passport scheme, it’s really important you begin looking into it and planning the dates and times in advance, such as those important vet appointments

Know the area

Research where you’re staying and what’s around. Although France is very dog-friendly with restaurants and cafés – outside spaces and things to do can be a little trickier. Having a rough plan of what you’re going to do when exploring different towns and areas will make for a worry-free trip.

Pick the right accommodation

Of course PetsPyjamas have some amazing hotels and self-catering accommodation in France and the rest of Europe, but always look to see what’s best for you. Having two dogs and wanting a relaxing trip, our gîte was ideal. It was the perfect size, had wonderful grounds for Sev and Lily to explore and was a great base location for other towns we wanted to visit.

Teach your dog basic training

It’s always great to sharpen up on training before you go anywhere with your pooch. Eating out, visiting busy places and meeting new people can put your dog on show. Make sure they’re ready with basic commands.

Be prepared

If you need a vet appointment on the French side, make sure you have it sorted prior to your trip or at least know of a vet you can see. Always bring your dog’s bed and toys to help them feel as settled as possible and enough food in the event that you end up becoming delayed or stuck in traffic. Also, remember to bring any insurance details you may need and of course your pet’s all-important pet passport.

Have fun

Holidaying with your pet is such a treat, for you and them, so make sure you have fun and follow all these tips for a stress-free trip.

Read more about about Sev and Lily’s dog-friendly travel adventures here

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