Chef and blogger Anna Barnett & Ted

Despite being super busy with the launch of her new cookbook – Eat The Week – we managed to grab chef, blogger and fashionista, Anna Barnett, for a quick chat about her Kerry Blue Terrier, Ted, who also shares her obsession with good food…

anna barnett & ted (5)

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently writing for Grazia, providing recipes and editing their food news page, as well as writing for Miss Vogue and running my website, and planning pop-up supper clubs…

What breed is Ted and why did you choose him?

He’s a Kerry Blue Terrier and my house mate chose him, he was the runt of the litter – thinking it might have been a sympathy buy.

anna barnett & ted (2)

How long have you had Ted?

I’ve been his dog mum for nearly six years – we both have separation issues.

How do your friends get on with your Ted?

They love him, he likes the ladies best.. or just anyone that gives him treats or makes him a fancy dinner.

Does Ted come with you to work?

It depends where I’m working, the majority of the time I get to work from home so we’re hanging out most days.

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Does Ted share your obsession with food? What is his favourite dish?

Yep. He’s right there beside me every time I’m cooking up a feast. He probably likes a roast dinner best – definitely into his meat but equally very keen on carrots, broccoli and peas.

Do you ever cook for Ted and does he ever act as a taster for new recipes you are working on?

Yep, most nights in fact. I tend to cook him up (lightly blanched) vegetables, he likes them when they’re still crunchy. He’s completely spoilt, if we have fish or meat he’s definitely having some with his dinner too.

anna barnett & ted (4)

What difference does Ted make to your life?

All the difference, I’m obsessed with him. I talk to him like a human and am just waiting for the day he talks back. He’s so bright but so selective with what he wants to hear and understand.

Do you take Ted on holiday with you and if so where?

If we go away in the UK then yes, there’s some really good hotels where you can take your dog. The Olde Bell Inn is a great place to take dogs.

anna barnett & ted (1)

Does he have any funny ways or are there any funny incidents involving Ted?

For some reason he thinks he can’t move if he has anything on him, so dressing him up isn’t really an option unless you want him to just stand there for hours. He has a blanket that he likes to hump after his dinner every night…it’s known as his ‘sexy blanket’ Always nice when we have visitors.

Anything you feel strongly about regarding pet welfare?

Pets aren’t just for Christmas, it’s a huge responsibility having a dog, they need to be fed well and walked daily so I always feel that you have to be so aware of this prior to getting one. It takes a lot of effort, I’m forever out in the rain and soaked through.

anna barnett & ted (1)

Do you take Ted with you to restaurants and pubs and do you have any favourites?

Yep, our local the Spurstow or The George in East London are both great for dogs, he just curls up and waits patiently for treats.

Eat The Week is available online and in book shops now

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