Week 1: Pet beds – Luxury interior design

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Dear Pet Lovers

It is very important for all of us to create harmony and comfort within our surroundings and this can often be created through our décor. I believe that investing in furniture that combines high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship not only provides long term value but helps to create a luxurious living space to enjoy for years to come.

As we all know there is unlimited luxury furniture and interior design ranges to pick from, however, to date, no one has created furniture for our pets that enchants the eye and completes our home decor, while also giving our pets the maximum comfort and hygiene. Most pet owners will agree that our pets are part of the family and since these needs are often overlooked, I decided to develop a unique collection which combines distinctive style with great craftsmanship.

I began my career in haute couture in Europe where I learnt about fabrics and honed my style and colour concepts which in turn lead me to become a successful New York fashion designer. Throughout my fashion career I also gained experience in interior and furniture design including the creations of decorative paintwork and different furniture styles from an array of eras. I eventually branched out from fashion into interiors, using all I had learned to help me decorate magnificent homes all over the world which have subsequently appeared in many publications.

This love of interior mixed with my great passion for dogs was the inspiration for me to start my company. My four-legged family members have ranged from tiny Yorkshire Terriers to large Pointers, from beautiful pedigree dogs to poor abandoned or tormented creatures. I have had the opportunity to observe them, learn their individual ways and discover their behavioural patterns, as well as having accumulated appreciation of anatomic knowledge in order to create healthy resting places. As a result, all the pet owners in my social circle asked me to design furniture for their animals that matched their individual home decoration. These requests quickly multiplied.

I started ‘Katalin zu Windischgraetz Pet Interiors’ in 2012 by designing my first “Pet Furniture” collection that includes beds, sofas, mattresses and toy boxes, all in different styles and characteristics which are adapted for up to 67 different breeds of dog available up to 55kg. Each design has been inspired by different eras of history ranging from Baroque to Contemporary and the bespoke pet interior service gives pet owners the opportunity to decide between a range of coloured woodwork and a variety of fabric tones to suit their home interiors.

Please see some of my work below, featuring pictures of the happy dogs in their elegant and comfortable homes.

Please enjoy my creations,

H.S.H. Princess Katalin zu Windischgraetz

P.S. Next week I am looking forward to sharing with you my next blog post about the different “styles” of my work.

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