Me & My Pet: Jack Whitehall & Roxy Horner

We spoke to actor and comedian Jack Whitehall and his model girlfriend Roxy Horner about life with their adorable rescue Cavapoo Coco and why she makes such a difference to their lives. Jack recently starred in the film Clifford the Big Red Dog and Roxy and Jack took Coco along to the premier which she loved and even enjoyed some sneaky popcorn.

Coco has her own Instagram account which features Coco having fun on the beach and even enjoying skateboarding with Roxy!

When did you get Coco and what breed is she? 

We adopted Coco in 2021. She is a Cavapoo but she definitely has more of the Poodle genes in her!

What difference has she made to your lives?

She has made a massive difference to our lives, she’s the best comfort and support buddy and gets me in nature for walks everyday.

What did she think of Jack’s film Clifford the Big Red Dog? 

It was so funny because she actually came to watch it with us, she seemed pretty fixated on the screen, every time she heard a dog noise her little head would tilt… she may have had some sneaky popcorn too.

Does she have any favourite places? 

Yes, she loves the woods!

Any funny incidents involving Coco? 

Well, there are so many, she’s a bit of a diva and basically refuses to have dog food so I have to cook for her now. It’s much easier If I make us all fish for dinner because then I can just cook an extra bit for Coco. 

What life lessons has Coco taught you?

To play and switch off! 

Do you take Coco on holiday with you? Is there anywhere in the UK that you like?

We take her on UK breaks. She came to the Lake District with us. 

Is there anything you feel strongly about regarding animal welfare?

I feel like if you’re going to get a pet, that pet needs to be part of the family, it breaks my heart knowing there are animals treated badly.