Why I Love… Greyhounds

We look close to home and chat to Gracia Amico, CEO of PetsPyjamas about her love of greyhounds and why they make the perfect city dog, as well as the ideal office mascot – although we could be biased!


What is the name of your dog and how old is she?

Steffi, she is five years old.

Why did you choose this breed?

We had been looking after a lurcher who we adored. So we wanted a similar dog. We rescued Steffi and thought she was a lurcher. However, she behaved differently and we became curious of her roots. So we did a DNA test and found out she is 100% greyhound. She is small though and has longer hair.

What do you love about the breed?

She is so calm, sweet and serene. At the same time she is incredibly elegant and athletic. When she runs she has about five different ‘gears’ and reminds me very much of those beautiful trained horses. Her speed is breathtaking. That together with her calm and easy personality makes it into a very seductive breed.

Does she come to work with you?

Yes she does! Not always but when I want to take her I can. They all love her at work! After greeting everyone, she will just find her bed and sleep most of the day.


Does she have any special requirements, health issues?

No, she is very easy. The only thing with these dogs is they have very thin skin and as they like chasing wild life they can get hurt easily.

Does she have any special characteristics?

She is very laid back and never barks. So she is the perfect dog if you are worried about waking up the neighbourhood. She loves chasing rabbits, squirrels and unfortunately cats. She is incredibly obedient but if she gets sight of any of those animals she will be off. She has caught quite a few rabbits. She will proudly drop them at your feet and leave it at that.

Have there been any amusing incidents?

As we rescued Steffi, it was obvious she had a hard initial few years of her life. She didn’t really know what pleasure and trust was. Now she is so happy and relaxed, the first thing she does when she sees me is lie on her back for a tummy rub. I never thought she would do that. She is also still getting more and more expressive, even after being with us for three years now. She runs up to us now and goes quite wild with her toys, chucking them into the air.

Does she have any favourite foods?

She loves pretty much everything. Fish, meat, vegetables, toast, pastas, spicy food even.


What are her favourite places to hang out?

She loves woods and big open fields where she will just sprint in large circles over and over again. If there is a pond nearby even better, as she will just jump in to cool off although she is not a natural swimmer.

What would you advise others thinking of getting a Greyhound?

They are such easy dogs. They actually make for the perfect city dogs as they need very little exercise. They love sleeping and chilling and are very good with children. You just have to be careful to keep them on the leash on streets as there is always the possibility of encountering a cat. She is very obedient and attached to us and will always come back to us after she has been chasing and running free in woods. If you are looking for a guard dog, greyhounds aren’t it but they will always be thrilled to greet anyone new at the door.

Where do you exercise her and how much exercise does she require?

We take her to a local park once a day where she can play and run freely. She will normally do her five minute sprints and then makes it very clear she wants to go home! So overall she only needs one proper outing a day. At the weekends we will take her to the countryside and there she can go for hours and hours walking, running and sniffing.

Any downsides of Greyhound?

That they are mortal! Am terrified of the day she will not be there any more. We are so in love with her.


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