Capital FM Presenter Pandora Christie & Henry

Capital FM radio presenter Pandora Christie chats to us about life with her Staffie cross Henry, how he chose her and the infamous “Henry Effect”…

capital fm presenter pandora christie and henry

What are you working on at the moment?

I present on Capital FM weekday mornings, run my own beauty/lifestyle blog and I’m currently learning Spanish!

What breed is Henry and why did you choose him?

Henry is a Staffie cross from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, and he chose me! I had been going around the home seeing lots of different dogs and when I took him to the play room to see what he was like I sat on a chair and he instantly jumped on my lap and gave me a cuddle – it was love at first sight!

How do your friends get on with Henry?  

When my friends first meet Henry they encounter something that’s called “The Henry Effect” He can be quite boisterous at first with new people, always wanting to play and have attention but give him a few minutes and you’re instantly in love – you can’t get enough of him!

capital fm presenter pandora christie and henry

How long have you had him?

Nearly 4 years.

Does he come with you to work?

No unfortunately, but I’m working on letting him sit in the studio with me over the Christmas period… It’s Christmas, so why not?

What difference does he make to your life?

He IS MY LIFE, there is nothing better than coming home, seeing his happy face, wagging tail and doggy breath all in my face! We both have that unconditional love for each other.

capital fm presenter pandora christie and henry

Do you take him on holiday with you and if so where?

Yes I’ve taken him to the Old Swan & Minster Mill in the Cotswolds which is brilliant for dogs – every room comes with a doggy bed and treats, there are lots of mapped walks and lakes plus there are lots of other dogs. But beware of the open fields with passing cows… they’re not too dog-friendly!

Does he have any funny ways or have there been any funny incidents involving Henry?

Henry has the perfect timing when it comes to farting!!! The worst incident was when I took him into central London and we were on a really busy train – he kept making the worst smells and everyone was staring at me. All I could do was look at the floor – I was so embarrassed!

capital fm presenter pandora christie and henry

Anything you feel strongly about regarding pet welfare?

Yes I do! It breaks my heart when I hear these horrendous stories about owners abusing and neglecting their pets. There should be stronger laws protecting animals and harsher punishments. I think the system is failing animals at the moment.

Do you take Henry with you to restaurants and does he have any favourites?

Yes there’s a local pup called The Pig & Whistle that is very dog-friendly – it has a doggy menu full of treats and a really nice garden for dogs to play in!

Where are Henry’s favourite places to exercise?

His favourite park is Battersea Park, he loves swimming in the lakes, rummaging around in the forest parts and has lots of friends there – plus Duncan’s Doggy Daycare is a hangout Henry cannot get enough of. There’s a massive field with woodland and a big trampoline for all the dogs to play on (which he has tried to tear apart) Henry loves it there!

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