Me & My Pet: Ursula Daphne Aitchison

We talk to social media starUrsula Daphne Aitchison about her life with Hugo & Huxley, and her dog-friendly adventures, and how she can help you take the perfect photos of your dogs.

We love your Instagram account. It looks like you and the dogs have such fun! What are you and the boys working on at the moment?

Thank you so much that so kind, I love PetsPyjamas. At the moment I am busy creating content for my subscription service where I teach people how to master photographing their dogs all from the comfort of their smartphones. It’s about getting beautiful print-worthy images that really show our dog’s personalities and combine light dog training with photography.

When did you get Hugo and Huxley and what is their breed? Are they related?

Hugo I got at 12 weeks old, he’s now 10, and Huxley at 8 weeks old, he’s now 5. They are both golden retrievers and related very very far back haha!

Do they have favourite places – parks/walks/cafes?

I think the boys like anywhere that I can let them off the lead, especially beaches where they can swim or by rivers and lakes.  Woodland is also a favourite and places with plenty of mud for me to clean off after! They love all the cafes and restaurants we go to because they know I give them my food and that strangers always want to give them cuddles!

Do they have best friends or are they best friends?

When Hugo was in London with me pre-Huxley days he was a very social dog and had several best friends, they have sadly all passed away over the years, I suspect I am his best friend and Huxley is his annoying ‘little brother’

Do they prefer living in the Cotswolds to London?

I think they adore both, London was full of other dogs, and you can’t walk your dog in a park without meeting at least 50 other dogs along your way. London also had plenty of free ’street food’ and they loved all the attention they got especially on the tube and at our favourite cafes. The Cotswolds can enjoy more uninterrupted space to run, they have plenty of exciting things to try and chase and there is lots of horse poop they try and tuck into.


Do they enjoy their trips with you?

They LOVE travelling with me, every hotel always gives them a bunch of treats and toys, the staff always fuss with them, and they share my supper and breakfast. We explore new walks/millions of new smells!

Which PetsPyjamas hotel/cottage would you like to visit?

Le Manoir aux Quat’Sasion (that’s for me as a food!) and Chewton Glen looks beautiful.

What life lessons have Hugo and Huxley taught you?

To enjoy everything, to try hard to enjoy every moment that is here with us now, and not rush to the next thing (unless it is a stick/sticky toffee pudding after a delicious supper!)

What do you feel strongly about with regard to animal welfare?

I don’t believe humans are any more important than any other species, even the very very small ones! So, all animal welfare is important to me and it is our duty to look out for and care for any vulnerable animals.

Ursula’s chosen charity is Hearing Dogs,  and a donation has been made on her behalf.