Metal legs help disabled cat walk for first time

The future is looking paw-sitive for a young cat named Vincent! Brought into the Story County Animal Shelter in Nevada., Iowa as a newborn, Vincent was a special kitty from the start. He was born without his hind legs, causing him to have a very uncertain future in the shelter.

Luckily, he was adopted right away by a woman by the name of Cindy Jones, who worked at the shelter Vincent was brought into and fell in love at first sight.

When Cindy took him home, she knew he would need special attention and vowed to give him all the love and help she could to allow him the fullest life possible with his disability.

When Vincent turned three, Cindy decided it was time to take action. She took Vincent to the vet to a woman named Dr. Mary Sarah Bergh. The doctor surgically attached metal prosthetic legs to the bone of Vincent’s non-existent hind legs.

PIC FROM Christopher Gannon, Iowa State University News Service/ Mercury Press (PICTURED: Vincent the cat who has been given metal legs to help him walk after being born with deformed legs) SEE MERCURY COPY

The titanium alloy prosthetics are state of the art and will allow Vincent to jump and run around like a normal kitty once he gets used to them.

vincent 3

Although it was a shock to Cindy at first to see the metal poles sticking out of her beloved kitty’s body, everyone was very pleased with the results, especially Vincent.

The legs are relatively short to allow Vincent to get used to his new legs, but as time goes on the Dr will lengthen and replace the short ones until they are the same length as a normal cat’s back legs.

The hard times aren’t quite over for Vincent, as Cindy will have to use a disinfectant on the metal legs twice a day to prevent infection as the metal poles are exposed to the elements.

Despite the upkeep and surgery to come, this is a positive step towards other surgeries with Vincent’s condition and disability. No kitty should be abandoned due to a disability, they need more love and affection than anyone else! And with medical advancements in prosthetics, even more cats are going to enjoy a happy ending like Vincent.

vincent 4

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