Cat yoga comes to London

We have all heard of downward dog, but what about downward cat? There is a new yoga practice coming into fashion, and cats are in style!


Originating from Adopt-a-Cat month, cats are being allowed into yoga classes to roam free around the room and naturally interact with you during your practice. Purrfect for health furr-reaks!

The cats will snuggle up to you while you are in your relaxation pose, or they will even sit on your back while you are in upward-facing dog.


The purpose of the cats is to add a relaxing element to the class, with even a “cuddle session” at the end as a meditation. This exercise trend is perfect for animal lovers and fitness lovers everywhere, as cat yoga combines the two worlds.

The best part is you don’t even have to own your own furry friend! Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in Shoreditch, London, has begun to host its own cat yoga sessions every Wednesday, so you can harness your chakra with the help of the cafés feline residents.


Cat yoga has also been making waves down under. A yoga studio in Australia called Catastrophe now hosts cat yoga classes and all the furry practitioners are up for adoption!

If you want to try cat yoga at home with your feline, just head to YouTube for some videos on how to practice – or just to watch cats interrupting their human’s yoga practice!

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