Proven benefits to your pet sleeping in bed with you

Contrary to the belief that having a pet sleep in the bed with you is disruptive, it actually might help you get a better night’s sleep.


Although some pets may have the tendency to whine and move around which is bad for light sleepers, studies have shown that sleeping curled up with your furry friend can encourage relaxation and comfort and lead to a better night’s sleep.

To get a good night’s sleep, you need to reach a very high level of comfort and relaxation and a pet can help give you this. Whether snuggled at the foot of your bed, on your chest or right next to you, they will be a warm and soothing presence.


A recent study of 23,000 dog owners found that more than half of them allow their pets to sleep on their bed with them and really enjoy the company. Most notably, this was because their pets made them feel secure, happy and calm just by snuggling up next to them. Although this seems to be more prominent in single pet owners, it is also very prominent in couples.

These days, the majority of people view their pets as family members and want them to be included in all aspects of their lives, even sleeping and it is claimed there are more advantages than disadvantages to having your pet join you in bed.


People often get a dog or cat for stress relief purposes as they offer unconditional love and are naturally comforting to be around.

So if you do have trouble sleeping this new theory may be one to try!

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