Top Model Jacquetta Wheeler & Pip

Jacquetta Wheeler, top model and muse to photographer Mario Testino, talks to us about life with her adorable Jackapoo Pip, why she has the personality of a cat and how the energetic pooch joins Jacquetta everywhere she goes. 

jacquetta wheeler

What are you working on at the moment?

I am off to shoot a cover for Vogue in Portugal and then I am back to model for London Fashion Week. I am also working on my photography and doing up my house.

What breed is your dog and why did you choose her?

She is a Jackapoo and I got her because the breed is clever, energetic and they don’t moult.

How do your friends get on with her?

Well, she is quite fussy about who she likes. She’s a bit like a cat – discerning of people until she really knows them but once she’s your friend she is very loyal and full of love.jacquetta wheeler2

How long have you had her?

Two years.

Does she come with you to work?

Yes, she sits under my desk at my feet.

What difference does she make to your life?

I get more fresh air by walking her every day in the park! She also gives me unconditional love which is constant, no matter how badly I behave.

jacquetta wheeler3

Do you take her on holiday with you and if so where?

I don’t take her abroad as it is too complicated but she does come everywhere else – she loves the seaside.

Does she have any funny ways or have there been any funny incidents involving Pip?

She loves chasing squirrels in the park. She is obsessed with them and also rabbits when we are in the country. She has lesbian tendencies which often arise when I am on a job. I was on a shoot once and she began to hump the photographer’s dog – it was very embarrassing!

Anything you feel strongly about regarding pet welfare?

I believe that all dogs need walking every day and they need love.

Do you have any favourite restaurants or pubs that you take pip to? 

I take her anywhere I can and most pubs I find are dog-friendly. I particular like to take her to Lowry and Baker on Golborne Road and the Golborne Deli for breakfast.

Where do you like to exercise her?

I love to take her on country walks through the woods in Kent near my parents’ house; there are always so many fun and exciting smells for her to chase.

jacquetta wheeler1