Jean Queen Donna Ida & her Chihuahuas

We talked to Donna Ida, London’s jean queen, famous for her carefully curated selection of designer jeans and celebrity clientele, about her three adorable Chihuahuas – Julio, Eduardo and Fernando – and why they are such an important part of her life…


What breed are Julio, Eduardo and Fernando?

They are all Chihuahuas. Julio is a smooth-coat, and Fernando and Eduardo are both long-haired.

Do they come to work with you?

Occasionally, though not as much gets done!

Do they have a best friend?

Eduardo and Fernando are best friends, and Julio has me.


Tell us about their average day?

They get up at 5am with me, and after breakfast and a run they go back to bed. My husband then gets up and they get another snack and a run – their day then depends on what we are doing. They might go out or stay at home but they always have company and are the centre of attention.

Any funny incidents involving them?

I don’t know about funny, but my first Chihuahua was Romeo who passed away this February. When I first opened Donna Ida he came to work with me every day, and one Saturday we were so busy hours went by without a comfort break so he went into a fitting room and peed on a customer’s handbag. I had to give her everything she was trying on. It was horrifying!


Do you take them on holiday? If so where?

I am too scared to take them anywhere in case something happens to them! They’ve been on overnight country jaunts but they haven’t been abroad. I like them home safe and sound!

What life lessons have they taught you?

To stop and smell the roses. When I lost Romeo I honestly wondered why we all work so hard and rush around so much when we are all going to die anyway! It was a dark time. But appreciating family and friends and enjoying each day is important. They make me laugh so much and animals, really do, make your heart sing.


Anything you feel particularly strongly about regarding animal welfare?

Just be really, really, really kind to them.

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