Made in Chelsea star Ashley James & Snoop

Best known for starring in Made In Chelsea, Ashley James introduces us to her new Toy Poodle puppy Snoop, revealing how he is the perfect work companion and how people now say ‘hi’ to Snoopy before her.


Snoppy selfie time!

What are you working on at the moment?

I’ve just launched Whistle & Bango with two friends, were we created and sell postcode bangles. The idea came from that fact that we live and work in pockets of London and the postcode bangle was a celebration of local spirit.  I’m also presenting a show called Style Stars, as well as doing lots of modelling. I’ve just shot a campaign for lingerie brand Tutti Rouge. On the side I also have a blog and YouTube channel, so I’m always very busy!

What breed is Snoop and why did you choose him?

Snoop is a Toy Poodle and I chose him because I’d met two before I got him and they are the nicest and most loyal dogs, very intelligent, don’t malt and are just the cutest.

How do your friends get on with your Snoop?

Everyone loves snoop, even my friend Jas who isn’t an animal lover. I’m used to people saying ‘hi’ to him before me now!


Snoop playing with his new toy and wearing his stylish bandana – both from PetsPyjamas

How long have you had Snoop?

Two months.

Does Snoop come with you to work?

He usually does, but it depends on the job. I live with my boyfriend Matt who is a stand-up comedian so usually one of us is at home, otherwise one of us will take him.

What difference does Snoop make to your life?

He brings us constant happiness. He’s got a real character so he brings us a lot of laughs too. And he’s good for exercise as we go walking lots on Hampstead Heath now!

Do you take Snoop on holiday with you and if so where?

He’s still too young for his doggie passport and it would depend where we go, but we went on a lovely trip to Langar Hall, which we booked through PetsPyjamas travel concierge and he loved it!


Snoop enjoying London Fashion Week with Ashley.

Does he have any funny ways or any funny incidents involving your dog?

He likes to squeeze himself under the sofa and bark until we let him out. Also if Matt and I go to kiss Snoop will dive in for the kiss or put his paw over my mouth!

Do you take Snoop with you to restaurants or pubs?

Yes we actually take him to loads of places. The Black Lion in West Hampstead and the Cock Tavern in Fulham are really friendly.

Where does Snoop exercise?

He loves Hampstead Heath, Primrose Hill – anywhere green with lots of space to run around.


Snoop enjoying his PetsPyjamas ball in the park.

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