Our top ten tips for making doggie strolls a walk in the park!

Our top ten tips for making doggie strolls a walk in the park

Life is never dull but infinitely more fun with your canine companion by your side, and we’ve put together some top tips for keeping your pet happy and safe when you are out and about in the park or on longer walks – always remembering to expect the unexpected.

1. Bring along their favourite treats with you. Brilliant for recall and to distract barking dogs in the park or in cafes.

2. A pair of tweezers is a godsend for taking out pebbles, grass or glass between their pads – keep an eye out for the slightest limp and check between the toes.

3. Take a bottle of water and collapsible water bowl with you – dogs get hot even in the winter months running round in circles in the park or clambering up hills on a long walk.


4. Always take some dry food with you in case you are waylaid by that last cocktail and it gets past doggie dinner time!

5. Always take a spare lead with you. When you are embarking on a really long walk and they are off the lead it’s just so easy to drop a lead and not so easy always to find it!

6. Invest in a high viz jacket or illuminated collar for the winter months so that you can spot your dog easily if it runs off in the park

7. Dogs love to be social – so create a social life for you and your pet by fixing up some doggie play dates or join the dog walking circle in your park

8. If you are on a late-night walk remember to wear bright clothes yourself so that your dog can see you, and carry a torch.

9. For longer walks, have a basic dog first aid kit to hand. The Blue Cross has a great guide available here.

10. One last thing to consider is varying your dog’s walks. Whilst they will love meeting up with their best doggie chums in the park they may get bored with the same routine and will definitely appreciate a bit of variety and some new sniffs and smells.

So book up a weekend away which could include a beach walk in Sussex, a fell walk in the Lake District or climb the Black Mountains in Wales. And don’t forget  when you book a stay with PetsPyjamas you receive complimentary access to a 24/7 vet line – so you know there’s always a vet at the end of the phone for added peace of mind!