The Pet Inspectors at the Gallivant Hotel

Rufus and Heidi go gallivanting with the birds of Camber Sands…


There was an air of excitement in the house. Our owner Denise had put us in our best new Creature Clothes summer neon collars and leads (bright pink for Heidi and bright green for me). We were off on another assignment – this time to Sussex where we were promised the best sandy beach ever. It was a blissfully sunny day and after about two hours on the road we arrived at our beachside spot – the Gallivant Hotel.

“It really is just like the Hamptons” our owner Denise exclaimed. With its washed wood beach style feel, the Gallivant has a fabulous beachside spot right next to Camber Sands – the best and sandiest beach on the South East coast. We were shown to our room which was called “the biggest room”. These are the dedicated pet-friendly rooms conveniently located outside the hotel.

The rooms are large and airy and there were two beds ready and waiting for Heidi and I. However, we had no intention of using them just yet as we were anxious to explore our new surroundings. Rory suggested lunch so we joined them for fish and chips on the veranda – lovely fresh fish with homemade tartar sauce.


After lunch we crossed the road to Camber Sands. Whilst not all the beach is open to dogs there is still miles to explore as we made our way across the lawn to the pet-friendly section –  clambering over the dunes and down onto the beach.  We were so excited – miles of paw-friendly pale soft sand and the sea just visible in the distance. We were let off our leads and away we went running as fast as we could. There were only a few dogs on the beach and miles of space to explore.

We ran and ran chasing seagulls all the way down to the sea. Rory and Denise were having to run fast just to keep up with us. Whilst I am six – Heidi is only two and is a faster runner than me.  She was chasing a seagull into the sea. She had to be stopped. Rory and Denise were shouting at her and I tried to head her off but she was too fast for me!  Just as she reached the sea Rory caught up with her and she was told off and put back on the lead! I felt very smug that I was still allowed off the lead but Heidi just couldn’t be trusted! After an hour and a half we made our way back for a lovely snooze in our room.


A couple of hours later our owners friends, Belinda and Malcolm, arrived and after tea we went off for another beachside run and splash about in the sea.  Everyone had a lovely time and we returned for drinks on the veranda. By that time we were exhausted and went off to bed whilst the others headed for supper at the Gallivant restaurant – one of the best seafood restaurants in the UK run by chef Ben Fischer, who once worked at Tom Aikens. Rye bay scallops, dungeness brill and Winchelsea salt marsh lamb were just some of the local dishes Denise and Rory tried which were all delicious.

After a breakfast buffet on the veranda (we managed to hoover away a few crumbs), we were off again for yet another beachside walk/run before heading  to Rye for a spot of shopping and another beachside visit to nearby Winchelsea.

Heidi and I have decided that Camber Sands is our favourite beach ever and can’t wait for a return visit to the Gallivant soon!


If you would like to enjoy your own dog-friendly break at the The Gallivant Hotel – pick up your bone and call our Pet Concierge on 0203 642 3162 or email us at

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