The Feeling Frontman, Dan Gillespie Sells & Ted

Dan Gillespie Sells, frontman of indie band The Feeling, reveals how his Kerry Blue Ted likes to have a pint at the pub and adores broccoli – how very rock ‘n’ roll!


The look of love!

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m writing a musical and starting work on The Feeling’s fifth album at the moment. We also have a lot of festival gigs this summer.

What breed is Ted and why did you choose him?

Ted is a Kerry Blue Terrier. We chose him when we were actually looking for a Welsh Terrier. The breeder just happened to have a litter of Kerry Blues and we fell in love with Ted.

How do your friends get on with your Ted?

Everyone loves Ted. He is pure entertainment. He knows loads of tricks and always wants to play. He get’s more attention than I do!

How long have you had Ted?

We’ve had him for five years now.

Does Ted come with you to work?

He probably wouldn’t love the tour bus but he does go to work with my house mates sometimes.


The photograph of Ted that was auctioned off in The Company of Dogs exhibition, hosted by PetsPyjamas to raise money for Dogs Trust.

What difference does Ted make to your life?

Having a dog really changes everything. I cant even start to list the ways. It’s amazing but really full on, especially with Ted.

Do you take Ted on holiday with you and if so where?

We haven’t taken him over-seas yet but he has been to Wales and the Lake District many times.

Does he have any funny ways or are there any funny incidents involving Ted?

He is full of odd behaviours. He has a blanket, which seems to turn him on (even though he has been cut short in that department). He hates horses and loves broccoli.

Anything you feel strongly about regarding pet welfare?

Cruelty to animals of whichever breed or type always really upsets and angers me. Humans who think it’s OK to harm the helpless for no good reason are the worst kind of humans.


Dan keeping Ted entertained on the PetsPyjamas The Company of Dogs shoot with photographer Gerrard Gethings.

Do you take Ted with you to restaurants and pubs? Do you have any favourites?

Ted comes with us to the coffee shop every morning and everybody knows him. He loves the pub too. He prefers to drink his water out of a pint glass.

Where do you take Ted to have a run around?

Our locals are London Fields and Victoria Park but he loves the beach in Wales (don’t ask me to spell the name).

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