Me & My Pet: Dr Scott

We spoke to Dr Scott Miller, resident vet on ITV’s This Morning show, who also runs his own practice in Isleworth, about life with his two adorable dogs Skully and Ludo, how they enhance his life and how they also get along with his children. We also find out about his charity work in Ukraine with animals caught up in the conflict and his thoughts about animal welfare.

Firstly tell us what you love most about your job and what you are working on at the moment? Also about your charity work in Ukraine

I have 26 years’ experience in the job and I still love it. I love the fact that you’re supporting a really important relationship between a human and an animal, something that I really value and cherish. It’s still really interesting, it really is all creatures great and small, and in any one day you can see loads of different animals and their beloved pet parents as well. It’s a great job, I still love it.

Alongside that I work in television, I work for This Morning and ITV and that allows me to have a profile which I can then use to support charities and issues that I really believe in. That has included recently going out to Ukraine to support the war effort when it comes to animals caught up in the conflict. 

When did you get Skully and what breed is she?

Well I first held Skully when she was seconds old. She was actually a puppy born via caesarean section that I completed at 2 in the morning and she has been a dream every since. I was given her as a present as a result of performing the surgery and she is a perfect pooch. She is a wonderful dog and she’s just turned 7 but she’s been with us since the second she was born.

Skully is a mixture breed, her dad was a Bichon, and her mum was a mixture between a Coton de Tulear and a Toy Poodle. 

What about Ludo, when did you get her and what breed is she?

We recently got Ludo to support my son who has autism. She is a Bernedoodle, which is a Bernese Mountain Dog crossed with a standard poodle. Ludo is a really special dog, she’s gigantic and she’s only 10 months so she is still going to grow bigger. She is in the chewing and digging phase. She is a wonderful dog, very sweet and very good with the kids so that’s the most important thing. 

Do they have a best friend?

I would say that Ludo is best friends with Skully, and I would say that Skully is not best friends with Ludo. I think Skully is actually best friends with our cat, she get’s on really well with the cat so I think her and Luna are best friends I would say.

Skully actually has a best friend in the form of her brother, Branston, who was in the same group of puppies that I completed a caesarean section to retrieve from their mum. My sister in law was the practice manager at our practice at the time and she took on Branston, we took on Skully and they’ve grown up together ever since. They are very  much best friends. 

How do Skully and Ludo get along with your children?

The dogs get on incredibly well with the kids. All my children are animal lovers, particularly the younger 2 who have autism, we have chosen Ludo specifically because she’s quite calm but bigger so can cope with a little bit of ruff and tumble. She’s been a really amazing additive to our family and I think that the kids adore her. 

What are your favourite places to walk?

My favourite place to walk with the dogs is Chobham common which is right near our house. It’s big and beautiful, with forests and open areas. It’s a lovely place to be, it’s calm, it’s relaxing and the dogs get a very good leg stretch. 

Have there been any funny incidents involving Skully or Ludo?

Funny incidents involving the dogs probably involve toileting accidents. Skully managed to do a wee on the famous rug at This Morning when we were live on air which was awesome, because then they obviously replayed that back and pointed out that maybe I should’ve trained my dog better, so that was a real highlight for me. 

Ludo just looks like a walking puppet, so everyday with her is comedy because look at her face, it’s ridiculous. 

What life lessons have your dogs taught you?

I think dogs teach all of us to live in the moment and enjoy each day. I think that’s very important, so many of us are caught up in very busy lives where you can miss the simple things. Dog’s just encourage us to slow down and appreciate what you have right in front of you, and also they give us unconditional love and where else can you get that.

What do you feel strongly about with regard to animal welfare?

I feel incredibly strong about animal welfare from top to bottom. I think it’s incredibly important for children to be educated in it and for adults to practise it. We are custodians of this planet, we are not overlords and all life is important. I’ve always felt from a child that an animal’s life is equally valuable to a humans and we should do what we can to protect each and every one. 

Where do you like to travel with Skully and Ludo?

We’ve done a lot of travelling with Skully, Ludo is still a pup, but Skully has been all over the country and she loves going to work with me. She’s a perfect TV sidekick, very well behaved, but she’s at home on the sofa, in the countryside or at the seaside she is just an all round great dog. 

Do you have any favourite dog friendly cafes/hangouts that you would share with our readers?

I would say my favourite dog friendly hangout is anywhere that will accept dogs. Not everywhere will but most pubs I find don’t mind a dog and I don’t mind most pubs so it’s a marriage made in heaven.

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