Rescue Dogs: Why you Should Consider Rehoming a Dog

Do you want to give an animal a loving home? Here are just some of the many great reasons why you should consider rescuing a dog from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder…

Saving a life:

The number one reason for rescuing a dog instead of buying from a breeder is you will save a dog’s life. Animal euthanasia levels in many shelters is on the increase as they just aren’t finding as many people wanting to rescue a dog as they are receiving abandoned dogs. Currently, there are thousands of dogs scheduled for euthanasia – it just doesn’t make sense to go to a breeder and buy a dog when there are so many dogs that need your help!


Making room for new shelter dogs:

At the present moment, there are around 27 million dogs in shelters, which means every dog rescued makes a difference. If you rescue a dog instead of buy, you are opening up space and resources for another dog to enter the shelter off the streets.

Your dog could already be trained:

There are many older dogs who find themselves in shelters. If you don’t have the time to train a puppy, you can go to a shelter and find yourself a nicely house trained older dog who is just as adorable! They are fully grown, so there will be no surprises as to what they’ll look like when they’re older as there might be with younger puppies. What you see is what you get.


Great quality dog:

Dog abandonment levels are currently very high around the holiday season as people adopt dogs as Christmas gifts, only to realise later on what adopting a dog actually means. There are many ridiculous reasons dogs are abandoned such as, “he was too loving and needed too much attention” and “he wags his tail too much”. Often people will have the misconception that if a dog has been abandoned there must be something wrong with Fido, but usually it’s because the owner wasn’t ready for such a commitment. There are millions of loving and perfect rescue dogs waiting to be adopted right now in shelters, abandoned for such silly reasons.

Unconditional love:

You’ll give yourself and a – possibly – timid, unloved animal all the happiness in the world just by welcoming him or her into your home and giving them a family and safe environment to live in. Plus, you’ll have a ready-made friend for life who will love you back tenfold!


Close to our heart:

Camilla, the daughter of one of our founders Denise Elphick, rescued Cavachon Lulu who had been originally bought as a present but was unwanted. Camilla has nothing but wonderful things to say about her experience and always urges others to adopt instead of shop.

Camilla with rescue pup Lulu

If you are considering rescuing a dog we recommend you go through Dogs Trust, an amazing organisation who will guide you through the entire process of rescuing a dog. They give you a full detailed description of dogs who are up for adoption, adding what kind of home the dog would fit into best, age, breed, and temperament. If you are rescuing a feisty puppy, they require you to enroll in their puppy training classes in order to make sure the puppy has the best training possible before entering your home.