Chestertons – The Pet-Friendly Property Finder

It can be hard enough finding a great property in London, let alone finding one that will accept furry roommates!

Chestertons are one of London’s leading estate agents and support Dogs Trust’s Lets with Pets scheme that helps owners find pet-friendly properties. Here are some of their top tips for renting with your pet…


Richard Davies, Chestertons’ Head of Residential, comments: “We are regularly contacted by both pet-owners who are having difficulties finding a home to rent and landlords that are nervous about accepting pets in their properties. However, we believe that with the information, advice and guidance that we now offer as part of our involvement with the Lets with Pets scheme, we are addressing these issues and helping significantly increase the number of rental properties available for pet-owning tenants.



Be upfront but flexible

When you begin your search, make Chestertons aware of your requirements straight away. Not only will this make our job easier but we may know some landlords who aren’t marketing their property as pet-friendly just yet. Do be as flexible as possible on location and property type too.

Create a pet CV

Provide potential landlords with as much information about your four-legged roommate as you can – for example, details on their last vaccinations, latest flea and worming treatments and even a personal statement about your pet’s temperament. A reference from your last landlord can also be great for showing that your furry friend is well-behaved.

I’d like you to meet someone…

To settle any nerves your potential landlord may have about a pet living in their property, offer to introduce them to your furry friend. If you have a dog, take a walk in the local park – this will also allow you to get a better idea of your would-be neighbourhood.

Higher deposit

Landlords who have not rented to pet owners before are often concerned about pets causing damage to their property. Offer to pay a higher deposit – this will reassure your landlord that should anything happen, you will cover the damage caused by your pet.

The small print

Make sure a pet clause is added to your tenancy agreement. This should state the type of animal and your pet’s name to show that the landlord has given your furry friend permission to live with you.


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Be a responsible pet owner

Owning a pet is a privilege and by looking after your pet properly, you can avoid any potential problems with your landlord and neighbours. Ensure your furry friend is properly toilet trained and pick up any faeces from communal areas. Cats and dogs – especially young or needy pooches – should not be left alone for hours on end. They’re more likely to cause damage to the property or make excessive noise when bored or scared. If you can’t check on them, organise for a friend to go round or hire a pet sitter.

Microchip your pet

If you’re in a completely new neighbourhood, microchipping can make all the difference in being reunited with your pet should the unthinkable happen – they go missing or get lost. From 2016, microchipping will be a legal requirement for all dogs in England.

Vaccinations and neutering

Keep on top of your pets vaccinations in order to prevent potentially fatal illnesses and to qualm any fears your landlord or neighbours may have. Having your pet neutered is also highly recommended – landlords are more likely to accept neutered pets, plus it will prevent unplanned litters, reduce aggression and lessen the chance of common illnesses developing like cancer.


Dr Landeg and Mr Griffiths wouldn’t have found their pet-friendly home without the help of Chestertons…

“We were prepared for a long battle in finding a new home within a highly popular area in London for both ourselves and our dog, however our experience was anything but. Chestertons made the entire process painless and simple. Their understanding of both the local market and the difficulties that tenants can face when trying to move with a pet, ensured that the properties we were offered were tailored to our tastes and needs. Within days, we had not only received a great deal of personal interaction with the offices and staff, but invitations to see a wide range of properties that would meet our needs.

Chesterton’s attention to detail and customer focus ensured that we quickly found a property that we loved, in our preferred area and with a dog friendly landlord. The entire move was so simple, secure in the knowledge that the highly professional Chesterton team were available to answer any of our queries. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a beautiful home for their pets and themselves.”


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