Delta Air Lines: pets no longer to be checked as luggage

Like the majority of pet owners, the thought of having to leave your furry friend in the cargo hold alone for hours on a flight is not a nice one.

So like us, you’ll be pleased to hear that Delta Air Lines have announced they are no longer allowing pets to be checked as luggage.


This is in response to the dozens of deaths due to temperature change, pressure drop and emotional stress of the animals while they were in the cargo hold. This is a huge step for pet safety and pet owners as many have been hesitant to check their animals like luggage into an unknown compartment.

As one of the biggest airlines in the world, Delta are hoping to set an example and encourage other large airlines to make a similar decision.

delta air lines

Small, service or emotional support pets are now allowed to travel in the cabin of the planes with their owners. Although bigger dogs still aren’t allowed in the cabin, they are now given the Delta cargo option which is much safer and more regulated than the normal baggage cargo. The animals will be closely monitored by customer service teams to ensure their safety, comfort and happiness. They are then held in temperature controlled overnight kennels with professional kennel services available if an overnight stay is necessary.


Delta’s decision has shown they have a clear understanding of how animals are considered family members these days, and that customers want the same love and care to be shown for their four-legged travel buddies.

With pet travel safer and easier than ever, be sure to check out our travel section for fun and relaxing trips for you and your pet!

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