Ryanair to allow pets on short haul flights

Ryanair has revealed it is considering allowing pets to travel in the cabins alongside their owners on short haul flights to Europe.


The budget airline currently operates a no-pet policy – with the exception of guide dogs on specific routes – meaning owners have to put their pets in kennels or forsake their holiday altogether.

The announcement comes as Ryanair aims to improve its “cheap and sometimes cheerful” image.

Check out the latest pet passport rules and how to travel safely with your four-legged friend!

dog travelling

Ryanair’s chief commercial officer David O’Brien said, “We are open to lots of suggestions, it’s one we’re looking at.”

“It could be quite difficult. What makes one person happy would make another unhappy. But we’d be interested to hear what people think.”

Air Canada, Air France, Delta, and Virgin America all allow small pets to travel in the cabin area but only a few budget airlines offer the same.


Flybe, Monarch and Thomson allow pets to fly but only in the hold and there are weight restrictions, whereas Easyjet will not allow pets anywhere on the plane.

Germanwings is currently the only budget airline that allows cats and dogs to fly in the cabins, however they do not offer a service in the UK.

cat travelling

In recent years, it has become easier than ever to travel with your pet thanks to the PETS Travel Scheme. Dog, cats and ferrets can now enter or re-enter the UK without quarantine provided they have been micro-chipped, vaccinated for rabies, received tapeworm treatment and have a pet passport or relevant documentation.

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