Top 10 Holiday Checklist For Your Pet

Holidaying with your furry friend is always fun but ensure you have all their travel essentials before you set off – here’s your essential holiday checklist.

 The essentials – If you are looking to find the sunshine in Europe, then you must make sure that you have the following:

  • A pet’s passport – this is a certification that identifies your pet and confirms that your vet finds your pet is healthy.
  • Rabies vaccination and the status is up-to-date.
  • Pet microchip – This is a legal requirement when travelling into Europe so your pet can be identified. However, whether you are heading abroad or staying local, a microchip is a great reassurance that if your furry friend gets lost they can be identified and returned to you.
  • Treatment for tapeworms – The UK is happily free of most of the transmissible diseases that are found in Europe so you must take precautions.

Dog with passport and suitcase

ID Tag – And on the subject of getting lost, always make sure that your pet is wearing an ID tag with your details on. Your pet may always come back to you when you call them at home but when you are away in an unfamiliar place, your pet can get disorientated and end up lost.

dog identification tag

Pet Carrier – If you are travelling by car then most pets enjoy having their own space and will happily curl up in a basket or carrier. On planes, you are required to carry your pet in a carrier, so choose a carrier that is perfect for the size and breed of your pet.

cat carrier with ginger cat

Car Harness – If your dog is happier to sit in the boot of the car or on the back seat then you must invest in a seat belt harness. Remember, allowing them to roam freely in the car is dangerous both to the passengers and the dog.

dog ceiling harness for car

Toys – Like any of us, pets will get restless after a long period of travelling, so packing some of their favourite toys to keep them entertained is a good idea. A familiar toy will also provide comfort to any pet that is initially stressed by travel.

pink dog toys

Travel Bowl – Your pet should have the opportunity to consume their normal amount of daily water when you are travelling. Remember to pack a water bowl or a pet water bottle so that you are able to give them regular water breaks during your journey.

travel water bowl

Bedding – Taking your pets favourite blanket or bed often helps them to settle into their new environment and feel less anxious about being away from home. This will often in turn mean that you will get a good night’s sleep as well!

dog beds

Food Most places that you visit with your pet, you will be able to buy food for them there, helping to save on packing. However, always take enough food for the journey both there and back, and a little more to help them acclimatise to the environment.

dog food

Visit your vet – Make sure that your pet is in tiptop condition for travelling and has all the right vaccinations and is up-to-date with any medication it by be on.

Our Vet Says…

  • Taking your dog with you when you travel can be a great experience for both you and your dog but always put your pet’s welfare first – some dogs travel really well and enjoy it, others don’t and may never get used to car travel.
  • For dogs that are not used to travelling in cars – try short journeys first with another passenger to reassure them and get them acclimatised to the idea.
  • If you know that your dog is prone to travel sickness, think carefully about the stress this is likely to cause; your vet may be able to prescribe suitable medication to suppress the sickness but this may not relieve the stress.
  • Make sure that your car windows are open to circulate air – this is much better for them than air-con.

holiday checklist dog at the vets


StyleJust as we like to buy ourselves a few new holiday essentials before we go away, it is always nice to invest in new stylish accessories for your pets holiday. A new collar and lead will instantly make your pooch look holiday ready!

dog on catwalk

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