Don’t dread the Spring shed! 🌸🐶

It’s that time of year where we’re in the midst of the Spring shed. Any dog owner will know that during this time you’ll spot more and more pet hairs hiding in the corners of your living room and find your once black jeans are now a (not so) fetching pair of fur trousers! Grooming your dog isn’t just about maintaining your dog’s appearance, it can also be a mini health check and allow you to look out for any lumps or bumps that could be hiding under their coat.


Why do dogs shed more during Spring?


All dogs tend to moult throughout the year, surprisingly short-haired dogs such as Labradors can shed more frequently than those with fluffier coats. Hypo-allergenic dogs such as Poodles with continuously growing hair tend to moult less, but they still experience some shedding during Spring and Autumn to prepare their coats for the changing seasons.

As the temperature rises, most dogs shed their undercoats so that they are able to cool down, a process is often referred to as ‘blowing coat’.



What can you do to help?


The key is to brush your canine companion regularly, and even more so during the Spring and Autumn time. Daily if possible, but otherwise at least every other day keeping their coat gorgeous, shiny and tip-top! This is an important ritual, as brushing removes all of the dead hairs, spreads natural oils and leave their coat feeling lovely and silky. Regular grooming is also a fantastic way of bonding with your four-legged friend. They love the time with you and it can help them relax during the evening. Just as humans love to use the top products to keep their hair in fabulous condition, our dog’s hair deserves the same treatment.



With this in mind PET TEEZER – the dog grooming brush range from the makers of the life-changing detangling hairbrush brand, Tangle Teezer – and their grooming expert and groomer to the celebs, Daniela Forshaw share eight top tips and tricks to make grooming a part of your routine for a happy, healthy, hygienic dog:


  • Brush regularly –  ideally two or three times a week, for a shiny, healthy coat. If your dog has long fur, brushing their coat every few days will prevent or clear out any tangles before they become painful and matted. The Pet Teezer Detangling brush in either standard or small size is an easy to use grooming brush that will keep your dog’s locks flowing free without pulling or discomfort. You can also use it to separate fur to see skin level for any lumps, foreign objects, fleas, etc; use in the reverse direction for short coats
  • De-shed – as well as regular brushing, if your dog is prone to moulting, a de-shedding brush will keep their skin aired and prevent infections. The Pet Teezer de-shedding brush, also now in two sizes, has two-teeth technology meaning the excess fur stays in the brush and not all over your carpet, making the process less of an assault on your home!
  • Remove food build up – your dog’s dinner can easily get caught up in their face fur or build up around their chops. Stop them being stinky and looking grubby by regular wiping or brushing this food away. Metal tools can scratch, pull and hurt unlike the gentle bristles of the Pet Teezer De-Tangling Brush
  • Clean eyes – Prevent tear-staining and keep their eyes clean using a damp cotton wool pad. Gentle brushing will also help tease out any build up
  • Check paws  – for grass seeds or foreign objects. Either Pet Teezer brush will help separate long fur without tugging fur or tearing the webs of their paws. It’s also important that you keep their claws trimmed too, as overgrown nails cause pain and can deform the feet. You can purchase clippers and files for at home use, or if you are not that confident, most groomers often nail trim services only
  • Ensure sanitary areas are clear and clean – wet wipes are great for this and Pet Teezer brushes are gentle and safe to use in these areas to part the fur. The brushes can be washed afterward with antibacterial soap without damaging the integrity of the brush
  • Regularly teeth cleaning – just like humans, regular cleaning keeps tartar and plaque at bay, yet tooth and gum disease remains one of the prominent diseases to affect and cause risk to dogs. Hard chews and dental sticks will help clean teeth but ideally, you want to brush them. Specialist dog toothpaste in flavours of chicken or beef will help ease the process and combining their ‘brush time’ with yours will help you form a regular habit
  • Clean ears – keep inner ears clean! Long fur dogs may need their ear canal fur regularly plucked by a professional groomer or vet to prevent blockages that cause infection. Pet Teezers will keep ears free of tangles, which turn into severe matting in the ear area


Pet Teezer grooming brushes can be used in any direction and on both wet and dry coats, and the hollow shape of the brush means it’s super hygienic and easy to clean. Priced at £12 for the standard size or £10 for small, the range is recommended by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home with royalties from the sale of each product go towards supporting the work of the charity, shop Pet Teezer at

Through these small changes of introducing frequent brushing and bathing to your routine, you can keep your dog smelling wonderful and beautifully shiny, making the Spring shed a lot easier for you and your pet!


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