The Interview: Henry Holland

We chat to fashion designer Henry Holland about his exciting new petwear collaboration with PetsPyjamas and find out all about his fabulous French Bulldog and face of the collection, Peggy.

henry holland and peggy

What excited you about the idea of a collaboration with PetsPyjamas?

Since adding Peggy to my family, my design tastes and needs have extended beyond my own wardrobe and I have a whole new member of the family who needs her own accessories. PetsPyjamas felt like a great partner for the project as they love combining functionality with great design and have an amazing understanding of the industry. I definitely couldn’t have done this without them.

What did you want to achieve from this pet collection?

I wanted to create a great range of useful pieces that dogs and their owners would love and enjoy. I also wanted to reflect the personality and vibrant, playful aesthetic of House of Holland.

The tartan you have used for this collection is from your Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection – what was the idea and inspiration behind the Ready-to-Wear range?

Our RTW range was inspired by kick ass women, uptown street urchins from a fictional futuristic metropolis. It was inspired by films like Blade Runner and Fifth Element and had a slightly darker approach to our previous collections. The tartan we used for both the pets range and the RTW is a recolouring of our signature tartan which we began using back in 2008.

Ready to wear collection

What excites you most about this pet collection?

The fact that Peggy gets a piece of House of Holland all for herself! I love creating and designing and that passion is as strong for clothing as it is for pet accessories, or products or furniture; I love creating things that expand our brand and communicate our message.

You have created womenswear, menswear and now petwear – what is left for you to do?

Homeware? Watch this space.


Peggy is the inspiration behind this collection – is she your first dog?

I always grew up with dogs in the house and the first dog we had was a Labrador when I was about eight years old. However, Peggy is my first dog of my own and not a family pet. We got her two years ago and she completes our home and family perfectly!

Why did you choose a French Bulldog?

We researched their temperament and their personality and their needs and a Frenchie felt like a good fit with our lifestyle and our home. We also think they are adorable and the perfect size for our city lifestyle.

Does Peggy come to work with you?

Every single day and she commands more attention in meetings than I ever will.

henry holland and peggy

What difference does she make to your life?

She makes our house more of a home and place we want to be. She grounds me and my partner and gives us more responsibility, as well as brightening up our days if we are ever in need of an injection of fun!

Do you take her on holiday with you and if so where?

We are just about to embark on our first holiday with her to France. We are staying with my mum for a few days and then we are going to a bed and breakfast for a couple of nights. She’s not a fan of the car so we’re hoping she’s OK but I’m excited to take her out of the city fort two whole weeks with nothing but open space to run around in all day long!

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Does she have any funny ways or have there been any funny incidents involving Peggy?

Apart from her constant farting, grunting and sighing that always cracks us up – she just has the biggest, cheekiest and most mischievous and playful personality. She is stubborn as hell and if she doesn’t want to walk in a certain direction she will instantly lie on the floor in protest.

henry holland and peggy

Do you have any favourite restaurants or pubs that you take Peggy to?

We take Peggy to A Little Bit of What You Fancy on Kingsland Road in East London which has amazing food and they welcome dogs. We also go to the Empress pub as it’s our local pub in Victoria Park, Hackney.

Where does Peggy like to hangout?

Her favourite place is Victoria Park; chasing the ducks, stealing children’s footballs and paddling in the memorial fountains are at the top of her hobbies.

henry holland and peggy

If your 15 year old self could see you now what would he think?

He’d think I was a sad old man who needed to go out some more and stop having early nights!

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