The top pet tech accessories

We love a bit of home tech – any gadgets that make our lives easier have got to be a good thing and now it seems that pets are getting in on the act, too! Home and lifestyle blogger, Antonia Ludden from #tidylife takes a look at some of the latest cool pet products that utilise modern technology.

As a fan of home automation, I’ve loved discovering some of the latest ‘smart’ pet accessories on the market for modern day kitties and pooches. I’ve even road-tested a couple with my own two cats, which you can see here. So, today I’m doing a whistle-stop tour of some of the clever designs today’s pets are benefitting from, available at PetsPyjamas…


1. PetzFriendz Talking Autofeeder by PetzPodz


There are times when you are not going to be available for your pets, so how great is this device from PetzPodz? An automatic feeder that lets you record a voice message to tell your pets when its dinner time! Providing convenience and comfort for your pet while you are away from the house, it can dispense programmable portion sizes at various times, up to four per day. I love it and reckon your pet might, too!

2. Leuchtie Mini LED Collar by Leuchtie


What a simple yet effective idea for walking your dog in the evening. Some roads and lanes are very badly lit and once the nights start drawing in, it’s inevitable that dog owners are going to have to walk their doggies after dark. So, keep yourselves safe and visible with a light up dog collar. Available in four sizes and a range of colours, your dog will be easy to spot if playing on a field, too or should he happen to run off. It uses 2 x AAAA batteries and lights up automatically once placed on your dog. It is also 100% waterproof and visible up to 1000m in the dark! What a great design.

3. FroliCat Bolt Automatic Laser Light by PetSafe


One for the cats now; there are plenty of automated cat toys for sale on PetsPyjamas but this is one we have actually tried at home recently and both our cats have enjoyed it. Even the four-year-old who tends to play in very short bursts only nowadays and has a naturally short attention span seemed to be captivated by this one, especially in the dark when the red dot really caught her eye. But it is bright enough for daytime play, too. Our younger cat is fascinated as he watches the dot randomly move around and will try and pounce on it. It’s good because it will wiggle around the same spot for a while, then at other times it will shoot off and move a distance away, so it keeps them on their paws. Our 1 year old also seems quite taken with the mechanism that swivels around inside, directing the beam of light, and will watch that with curiosity from a distance, too. It definitely keeps our two kitties entertained long enough for their liking.

4. Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness with Camera Mount by Kurgo


This is ideal for anyone who loves the outdoor life with their dog – it’s the Kurgo’s Tru-Fit Dog Harness with a camera mount. If you have a GoPro Camera or a Sony Action Cam, you can mount them on the dog (chest or back with a GoPro or back only with a Sony Action Cam), and capture all the action from your pet’s perspective! Obviously the cameras are not included! But if you have one of these cameras already and have a dog, what’s not to love?! The dog harness features five adjustment points for a nice fit on all breeds and has a comfortable, broad padded chest plate. I can see this being a hit with dog-lovin’ travel bloggers and vloggers, too – watch out for pets getting their own YouTube channels!

5. Rain Drop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Bowl by Pioneer Pet


One of my cats drinks water nice and regularly, whereas I very rarely see the other have a drink! I’m wondering if one of these powered water fountains would tempt him? I think it might. Since cats are drawn to running water and much prefer a dripping tap to a bowl of water – this is because moving water is fresher – it is better oxygenated and won’t gather as many impurities as standing water in a bowl will. So, this pet water fountain is ideal and something to consider for either cats or dogs. The water is continuously filtered for better health and it even looks pretty stylish! This is just one design on PetsPyjamas, there are other fountains available too, some battery operated and others you can plug in.