The Top Dogs of Instagram

Thanks to the power of Instagram – animal lovers everywhere can get their daily pet fix and it’s catapulted some canines into internet stardom! Here are 10 of the top dogs you need to follow…

1. Tuna @tunameltsmyheart
Followers = 1.9 million


Chiweenie Tuna’s adorable overbite has melted many Instagram hearts over the globe – 1.9 million to be exact.

2. Doug @itsdougthepug
Followers = 2.6 million


The self-titled ‘King of Pop Culture’ shows his followers how he didn’t choose the Pug life – the Pug life chose him.

3. Remix @remixthedog
Followers = 125,000


The achingly cool bearded pupster enjoys showcasing his collection of stylish shades and shirts. Prepare to receive some serious wardrobe-envy.

4. Norbert @norbertthedog
Followers = 498,000


Norbert is a ‘Norbreed’ aka Chihuahua, Cairn Terrier and Lhasa Apso mix – and is possibly the CUTEST children’s book author, philanthropist and therapy dog we’ve ever seen!

5. Marnie @marniethedog
Followers = 2.1 million


Marnie’s Instagram is littered with photos of her hanging out with famous faces – Taylor Swift, James Franco and Tina Fey to name a few. Not bad for the Shih Tzu who spent the first 10 years of her life on the streets.

6. Sir Charles Barkley @barkleysircharles
Followers = 487,000


French Bulldog Barkley has been posting on Instagram since he was a few weeks old. Snoring, eating and swinging are just a few of his favourite pastimes.

7. Buddy, Boo & Blue @buddyboowaggytails
Followers = 597,000


Despite being known as the cutest dog in the world – Boo the Pomeranian shares his account with his brothers Buddy and Blue who are both equally adorable.

8. Menswear Dog @mensweardog
Followers = 306,000


With a penchant for all things stylish – this New York-based Shiba Inu has a seriously fabulous wardrobe and reminds us that the key to pulling off any trend is confidence.

9. Maru @marutaro
Followers = 2.6 million


Possibly the most chilled out dog you will ever see, Maru is another Shiba Inu and resides with his owner in Japan where he runs his own shop!

10. Momo @andrewknapp
Followers = 603,000


The animal kingdom’s answer to ‘Where’s Wally’ – Momo the Border Collie is a master of hide-and-seek and is always at his owner Andrew Knapp’s side.

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