Our top 10 winter essentials for your furry friend

As the temperature drops, with biting winds and snow rumoured to be on the horizon, it’s important to keep our furry friends cosy and warm – especially on their Winter walks. We’ve put together our top 10 winter essentials to keep your pet safe and snug through the Winter months. 

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1. Reflective gear

Along with the wintry weather comes shorter days so it’s vital that we keep our pets in sight when out on late afternoon walks and evening strolls. Check out our selection of reflective and light up accessories to keep your pet in view!

2. Pet coats

Keep your pet super warm with a coat from our all weather collection. From country tweeds to hipster duffle coats your dog will be sure to make a style statement in the park.

3. Dog boots

These cold conditions can often lead to icy, wet and muddy ground which can be uncomfortable on your dog’s paws, especially during long walks and big hiking adventures. Our range of dog boots can help protect your dog’s paws and keep them clean when out exploring.

4. Paw Balm

For shorter walks and everyday use, paw balm is ideal for keeping your canine companion’s paws soft and reducing the risk of them becoming dry or cracked. View our different paw balms here.

5. Pet jumpers

Dog jumpers are perfect for keeping your furry friend cosy in the Winter months, especially short-haired breeds. Explore our stylish range of knitwear for your pooch.

6. Pyjamas

Keep your dog nice and snug all day and all night with a set of cosy pet pyjamas.

7. Personalised pet blankets

Treat your pet to a cosy personalised blanket – perfect for throwing over the sofa or for keeping them extra comfy and warm in their dog bed.

8. Snuggle beds

Why not combine a dog bed and a blanket to provide the ultimate warm comfort zone for your dog? Our range of snuggle beds allows your dog to climb inside and be wrapped up warm whilst they snooze.

9. Pet towel

During the Winter, dog walking is often a rainy, muddy and messy activity, so it’s essential to have a towel on hand when you walk in the door. Our microfibre towels are super-soft and cut the drying time in half.

10. Pet grooming essentials

Just like humans, dogs can often find the Winter air and indoor heating dries them out. Our grooming essentials provide everything you need to keep your dog’s coat clean, shiny and moisturised!

With these top 10 essentials, we’re sure your four-legged friend will manage to stay warm and happy through the cold weather and perhaps even enjoy some playtime in the snow! Our sale ends soon so shop the full Winter collection today for up to 60% off!