Top 3 cleaning tips for pet owners

If you’re a pet lover, you’ll wholeheartedly agree that dogs are adorable! They’re furry, friendly and always pleased to see us when we come home. Having a dog is a pleasure, however if some sort of home order is not instilled our hairy friends will happily overturn the clean and mess-free environment.


When you love your dog so much, it’s easy to overlook those dirty paw marks on the carpet or hairballs behind the sofa. Fortunately, it is never too late to curb the chaos your furry friend has left in your home.

Here are some suggestions on how you can keep your home clean and continue being a happy dog owner:

Dinner is served

One of the muckiest places you’ll find when you have a dog is around their dinner bowl. Canines are notorious for their overenthusiastic attitudes at mealtimes so this area is likely to become a mess with splashes of food very quickly. Place a nylon mat or a special doggie placemat under your pet’s bowl to protect your carpet. Or place the bowl during mealtimes directly onto tile flooring for easy cleaning.


Reassess where you store your pet’s food too. If you keep any boxes of dry food out in the open, store them in a place that is inaccessible to your dog. This will eliminate the possibility of food spilling onto the floor and it will prevent any dog food smells from floating through your home.

Mucky paws

When you have a dog at home, dirty paw marks on your floor will come as no surprise – especially after a muddy romp! So to keep your carpets and rugs in good condition, always have a towel or wet cloth handy to clean your pup’s paws after they’ve been outside.


The upholstery on your furniture is also one of the most vulnerable areas to pet paws. Dirt and sharp claws are the enemy! Establish a rule that your pet is not to sit on the furniture. Or if they do, lay down a blanket to protect the surface. Avoid feeding your dog treats or titbits around your sofa to prevent any crumbs or spots. Only feed them from their bowl or in areas of the house that are easier to clean, such as the kitchen.

Hair, hair everywhere!

One of the biggest issues for every dog owner is the enormous amount of fur that seems to stick to every surface – carpets, shelves, upholstery, nothing is safe! As long as you have a dog, it will be impossible to get rid of dog hair completely. However, you can brush your furry friend regularly to control the distribution of dog hair in your home. The more frequently you do that, then the less fur will appear around the house.


When cleaning around the house, instead of collecting your pet’s hairs with a vacuum cleaner, try a robot vacuum. This automatic device will gather your dog’s fur without you lifting a finger! Also invest in an anti-static spray, this will help you remove the dog hairs from your clothes.


Introduce these small but effective changes to your daily routine and your home will remain clean and free of excessive doggie mess. Plus, you’ll be able to spend more time playing with your furry friend as opposed to cleaning up after them!

Thank you Emma Hamilton, owner of London-based cleaning business Steam Cleaning W4 for the top tips on how to keep your home looking spick and span

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