The world’s greatest cat painting sold for $800,000

Attention all cat lovers! News of a massive 6ft tall and 8ft wide cat painting titled “My Wife’s Lovers” was put up for auction in New York this week. The painting was commissioned by the ultimate cat lover, Kate Birdsall Johnson. It took artist Carl Kahler two years to create the masterpiece which features 42 of the 350 cats that Kate owned throughout her life.

Kahler spent years walking around the mansion sketching the different cats in their day to day life.  In 1891 it was presented at the World’s Fair in Chicago, where its intricate detail caught the attention of many of the art critics. By the end of the fair the giant painting was dubbed the world’s greatest painting of cats. The painting is a dream world for all cat lovers everywhere, featuring all different kinds of cats with their own unique sizing and colouring displaying each cat’s personality whether it’s playful, curious or lazy.

"My Wife’s Lovers" cat painting

Placed in the direct centre of the painting is one of Kate’s favourite cats named Sultan. He is the biggest and most regal looking of all the cats, and the artist purchased him on a trip to Paris where it was love at first sight.

The masterpiece was auctioned off for $800,000. 

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