Top 5 dog walking essentials

Happy Walk Your Dog Day! Walkies – a simple seven letter word that sends most furry friends into a flat spin! It’s the perfect time for both human and four-legged friend to get some exercise, take in some fresh air and have an adventure! They not only help keep you and your dog keep physically fit, but are an opportunity for your dog to socialise and provide lots of fun stimulation to keep them out of mischief! We’ve put together our top dog walking essentials to ensure that you have everything you need to make the most of your time in the great outdoors.

1. Houndsley dog walking bag
Dog walking can be a handful, and most of us are all too familiar with finding poop bags and biscuits in every pocket of every item of clothing. These fabulous bags from Houndsley are ideal for making walkies simple and keeping everything together. They’re environmentally friendly and have a detachable, easy clean, front pocket for any dog mess when there isn’t a bin nearby. The inner lining stores leads, water bowls, water bottles and treats and then there is a rear pocket for your personal items such as mobile and keys. Not to mention, the bags are super stylish and keep you looking country-chic!

2. Forthglade mini treats
These tasty little treats are sure to keep tails wagging! Forthglade hand-baked mini treats are 100% natural and provide the nutrition your dog needs. Also, the mini pocket-sized bags make them perfect for fitting in your bag or pocket for when you’re on the go! Today marks the start of Forthglade’s latest campaign ‘The Great British Dog Walk’ which sets to encourage and inspire dog owners to get outside more with their four-legged friends and reap the health and wellbeing benefits. Find out more at

3. PitPat tracker
Our dog’s health is important to keep in mind. PitPat dog activity tracker simply clips on to the collar to keep track of their movement and activity levels. It’s tailored to your dog so you can ensure they’re getting the right amount of exercise. The handy app makes it easy to keep an eye when you’re out on walkies, helping you decide whether it’s best to walk that extra lap of the park!

4. Washable collar and lead
Whilst the sun is starting to make an appearance, muddy walks are still an inevitable part of being a dog owner! These beautiful bright leads and collars from Reg and Bob are ideal for keeping our dogs looking their best on mucky walks as they’re hardwearing and machine washable.

5. Paw and nose balm
In the summer months, paw and nose balm is perfect for keeping your dogs paw pads and nose from drying out, whilst also protecting them from the UV rays. In the winter months, it helps them becoming dry and cracked. These pocket-sized balms are ideal for taking with you when out and about!

We hope that these essentials will make your walks much more enjoyable. The most important aspect of dog walking is that both you and your dog are happy and healthy. Celebrate walk your dog day today and take them on a fun adventure!