The top cats of Instagram

It’s official – cats are slowly taking over the internet, and it appears they may have (almost) conquered Instagram. Here are 10 of the top felines you need to follow…

1. Lil Bub @iamlilbub
Followers = 1.6 million


Despite her genetic anomalies – this little lady leads a very exciting life as an actress, published author, talk show host and a fundraiser for animal welfare. Phew!

2. Richard @richard_kitty
Followers = 157,000


Maybe it’s because Richard has a fabulous eye-colour combination or because his spirit human is Antonio Banderas – either way, this cool cat knows how to work every camera angle.

3. Pudge @pudgethecat
Followers = 675,000


Proving that ladies can rock moustaches as well as any man – Exotic Shorthair Pudge has attracted many followers due to her bold facial hair and all-round fabulousness.

4. Princess Monster Truck @princessmonstertruck
Followers = 279,000


Rescued from the streets of New York, the adorable Princess Monster Truck is one sassy cat but we can assure you – she’s all teeth and no bite.

5. Sam @samhaseyebrows
Followers = 234,000


In case you didn’t notice – Sam has eyebrows. And they are amazing! The purrfectly placed markings give Sam a permanently concerned look, however he needn’t fear – his band of followers are growing by the day.

6. Snoopy @snoopybabe
Followers = 361,000


Possibly THE cutest cat on our list – Snoopy is an Exotic Shorthair with a dash of furby/owl/teddy thrown in. We won’t judge if you want to squeal…

7. Grumpy Cat @realgrumpycat
Followers = 2.3 million


Grumpy Cat – real name Tarder Sauce – shot to internet fame three years ago due to her permanent sullen expression, and now has her own merchandise and film! She who laughs last, laughs the longest.

8. Nala @nala_cat
Followers = 3.4 million


It’s no wonder Nala is the most popular feline on Instagram – her doe-eyed expression could melt the hardest of hearts! Plus, the cute kitty raises awareness of and donates monthly to animal shelters.

9. Hamilton @hamilton_the_hipster_cat
Followers = 749,000


Hamilton has quite possibly the most purrfect moustache we’ve ever seen. Admire it in its full glory on the debonair gentlemen’s account.

10. Roku @rokuthecat
Followers = 570,000


Who knew silver hair and flat ears could be such a winning combination? Serious Roku lives with his kitty wife Hachi (who is also an Instagram star in her own right!). We love his nonplussed expressions.