TV Presenter Laura Whitmore & Mick

We chat to TV Presenter Laura Whitmore about her travel-size Maltipoo Mick, how he fits into her busy lifestyle and an embarrassing incident with an Arctic Monkey…

Laura Whitmore2

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m about to launch a jewellery range I’ve designed with British brand Daisy London. Then I’m off to host the red carpet and backstage show for MTV at the Europe Music Awards in Milan. And then at beginning of next month, I’m off to Australia to host I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! Now!

What breed is Mick and why did you choose him?

Mick is a Maltipoo  – Maltese mixed with a Toy Poodle. I chose him as he’s a breed that works with my lifestyle and I knew someone with a similar dog. He’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t lose his hair.  He’s also a people dog and loves coming on shoots with me. He’s very small too so easy to bring on the tube and buses.

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Does he come with you to work?

Yes, as much as physically possible. He loves the studio and most places are dog-friendly. He’s just got his pet passport but sadly he can’t come to Australia with me so will be taking a trip to Ireland to stay with my mam when I’m abroad.

What difference does he make to your life?

It’s a lot of work having a dog but he just brings so much joy into my life. It’s hard to explain – he creates a lovely atmosphere wherever he is. And since I’ve had him I’ve met so many neighbours in the park I’d never normally talk to. His little face is so welcoming after a long tough day and he gives the best cuddles.

Do you take him on holiday with you and if so where?

He’s come on holiday to Salcombe in Devon with me. There was a dog-friendly room in the hotel and he didn’t mind the long car journey. He loves looking out the window!

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Does he have any funny ways or have there been any funny incidents involving Mick?

Everything he does is funny. He once peed on a member of the Arctic Monkeys. That was embarrassing!

Do you take Mick with you to restaurants/pubs/cafés? Any favourites?

Yes, The Stag in Hampstead is great on a Sunday for a roast and Shillibeer’s Bar & Grill in Islington always have a doggie bowl for him.

Where are Mick’s favourite places to exercise/his favourite parks?

Caledonian Park is great with lots of different dogs. Or Hampstead Heath! But his little legs get tired fast and when he’s tired he most definitely lets you know!

Laura Whitmore

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